Saturday Night Thoughts

I just got off of work for the night and had to tell my boss that I’ll be leaving in a few weeks….and it was sad. I call her my boss, but I don’t look at her in that way at all. Those people are family to me. I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m a personal care attendant and work with a family of 3 people in wheelchairs ages 23-30 who live with their mom and dad and they are all amazing people. All 3 of the people I work with are considered to have sever mental retardation, though I debate that in some areas…they understand and make more sense than the rest of the world sometimes. They all have a rare muscle degenerative disease called Mucolipidosis Type IV. Their mom and dad are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. The dad has multiple sclerosis unrelated to the children’s disease, and the mom does more charity work than anyone I’ve ever met, all while taking care of her kids and husband. I never leave their house without a smile on my face and I’ve never met a more positive and loving group of people in all my life. They’ll continue to be in my life as long as they’re on this earth, but it will be hard after 6 years of working with them to say goodbye in that respect. They are the reason that I’m in this field.

On a different note, how about those Tigers?!! LSU is doing one hell of a job of making me temporarily forget the travesty that was the Saints game on Thursday night. LSU just went into half-time against Virginia Tech 24-0! What an amazing team. I’d kill to be at that game right now. My sister got 4 tickets to the game, and I could’ve gone…but I had to work. It’s all good though, I’m enjoying it on TV. Now if only the Saints could take some pointers from the Tigers, we might be OK! What the hell happened to the Saints? I’m really hoping that the Colts are just THAT good. Which they are, and they did play one hell of a game, but we did play a pretty shitty game. Step it up boys!
And finally, there are only 3 left right now, which may be gone by the time I post this, but Lisa Snellings-Clark has posted little black poppets!!! Of course I bought mine already :p Here’s the link to her current sale. If you don’t see them up anymore, keep checking back as she may add more. I noticed she also added some more purple poppets and those really cool harlequin candle holders! Also check out her latest blog post as she has a preview of things to come for Halloween time…mwuhahahah! Now go buy a goth poppet!


16 Responses

  1. They’re gone. 😉

  2. She needs to keep the different colours just a bit longer until I can justify spending money on little figurines when my car needs gas! I still want a blue one. Stupid student loans!

  3. Carl, Damn that was quick! There were 3 left when I typed this…20 originally…I think I bought the first 😉

    Kailana, Student loans are indeed horrible, horrible things! Wonderful things when we’re students of course, but I’m a slave to them for the next 10 years 😦 The blue ones are great! I love them!

  4. Thanks for letting me know there were more purple poppets up… I just ordered one 😀

    I can imagine how sad it must have been to leave your old job, but like you said, they will still be in your life. It’s always like that, isn’t it? Moving on in life is a good thing, but along the way there are little losses one has to suffer.

  5. Thanks for sharing about your job…which sounds like so much more than a “job”. I’ll bet you mean every bit as much to them as they mean to you. And like you said, they won’t be out of your life. But I can certainly understand how sad that must be.

    As for hoping that the Colts are just THAT good…I’m going to live in dreamland and pretend that they are NOT that good, that it was all just a fluke. Hey…you all introduced me to the fantasy genre.

  6. Yes, sadly the black ones are gone!! But there are still blue and purple. Boy…I’m trying to justify buying one.

    I’m sure you will still be a part of that family’s life, whether you work for them or not! Besides, you got a great opportunity! Good luck with it!

  7. How sweet! My purple one came yesterday but I have left her bubble wrapped and not introduced her to my little family yet as I am moving house on 17th. I wish I could have got a black one as well, they are adorable.

  8. Nymeth, Yay! So glad you got a purple poppet 🙂 Is this your first poppet?

    It is always hard for me to leave jobs because I tend to pick really good ones and I stay at them for awhile. But they always remain a little part of my life. My job before there was a coffee shop that I worked at for 5 years, and I still go there every day and read and still know all of the employees and customers. I might as well still work there!

    Debi, It really is so much more than a job, and I don’t even think of it as work. They’re like my family. It’s like going to second home when I go to “work”. But like I said…I’ll continue to visit, but the visits will be less often than they are now.

    OK, for your sake, that whole game was just a big fluke! We should’ve won but fate got mixed up and the cards got dealt to the Colts when they should’ve been dealt to us 😉

    Stephanie, Buy one! 😉 I’m sure she’ll be putting some more black one’s up seeing how quick they sold. so keep a look out for them! They’re awesome!

    Thanks for the good luck 🙂 It is a great opportunity and I’m really excited about it!

    Rhinoa, Still in the bubble wrap?! You’re much more patient than I am 😉 I had to have a black one as soon as I saw them…they’re like goth poppets with smeared eyeliner, lol!

  9. I was wondering where all those cute little things were coming from! Thanks!

    ::rushes off to buy a purple one::

  10. Christina, Glad I could point you in the right direction 😉 She makes tons of great art!

  11. ah, its sad stopping your old job – even though it wasn’t a job-job. they sound like really special people.

    who are the … oh dear, i just forgot their names. not the colts. the other people, that other team… you know? are they your college team?

  12. The Tigers are LSU’s (Louisiana State University) team. That’s where I got my Master’s degree…and yes, they’re a college team. College football is so much fun! The atmosphere of those games is just amazing, you really can’t beat the electricity of those crowds! The Colts are a professional team and they’re the one’s that completely destroyed the Saints (New Orleans’ professional team) the other night 😦

  13. It is my first Poppet, yes. I’m sure he’ll be lonely all by himself, but if she puts more black ones up it won’t take long for me to get him some company 😛

  14. Hurry up, she just put up 10 more black ones! 😉

  15. Aw, cute but I already got in trouble for the purple poppets I bought. Oopsy. 😉

  16. Bookfool, I’m starting to get myself in trouble with all of these poppets! This will be number 6 😉 One can never have too many poppets though!

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