It’s Football Time!!!

It’s that time of the year again πŸ˜€ That wonderful time of the year where many of you get to skip over some of my posts because they will surely bore the hell out of you! Football time! Tonight, the Saints take on the Colts and you’d swear that it’s a home game for us. I’ll have my Drew Brees jersey on and will fit in with the rest of New Orleans who has just about gone nuts. There’s a sense of magic in the air right now. Everywhere you look in the city, there’s black and gold, there are smiles on everyone’s faces, there are fleur de lis’ pasted on everything, people are screaming “who d’at”…the city has taken a day off from life.

The Saints have come to mean more than just football to our city. They are a break from the grim reminders of what life has become down here. During football season, the residents of New Orleans can rest assured that one day out of the week, they’re going to have a good day, and they’re going to be in good company, and they’re going to unite with other fans and wear smiles on their faces, listen to jazz, dance, eat some good food, and watch one hell of a game. Then they go back home to the reality of post Katrina life, but it’s just a little bit better than before, because their spirits have been lifted by that sense of unity.

Last year, the nation watched as the Saints took on the Falcons in one of the most memorable games in football history. It was was our first home game since Katrina and it was that game that started this uniting front. This year, even though our Saints are playing away for their opening game, it might as well be in our own backyards…the unity, the energy, and that same sense of magic can be felt everywhere. And the city looks a little bit happier today than it has in awhile.


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  1. Oh…I’m with you on football!! Of course, I’m not a huge Saints fan (sorry!) but I do love Drew Brees. He’s a fantastic QB, and I would LOVE to have him in Chicago. I’m still a littlel miffed with Mr. Bush over his dumbass move in Chicago (BIG BEARS fan here!) But since my husband took both him AND Colston in his Fantasy Football league, I will be watching a lot of Saints football this year!!

    I wish your team luck tonight!! Although I have to admit, I’m a slight Payton Manning fan too!!

  2. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear that you’ll at least be following our team Steph! Tell your husband he made some good choices πŸ˜‰ Colston’s a huge favorite down here! You see his jersey’s everywhere you go.

    We’re Manning fan’s too down here, so tonight will be a fun game no matter what happens. New Orleans loves all the Mannings ever since Archie!

  3. I’m so excited about this game! I only started watching football last year, but so far The Saints are pretty much my favourite from what I’ve seen (I sound like such a girl right now). And Manning is just so adorable (ditto the girl comment).

    Have fun watching it tonight!

  4. *gulp* I don’t follow football anymore.
    I did when I was married!.. lots and lots!..but the last I remember was Roman Gabriel when he quarterbacked for the Rams and Eagles! LOL!

    But I know many enjoy football so I hope your team does well so you enjoy the season at it’s best!

  5. Eva, I hope the Saints continue to be your favorite πŸ˜‰ And I’m glad to hear your excitement! It’s an exciting game. All you girls and your Manning crazes, lol. I have a friend who’s originally from here but now lives in Florida who has a theory that the Mannings get better looker the younger they get…so she seems to be more of a fan of Eli than Peyton. I will definitely have fun! You do the same πŸ™‚

    Deslily, I hope we do well too! We were one game away from the Super Bowl last year…so this year is it! At least that’s what we’re all saying…Go check your email! πŸ™‚

  6. WHAT in the F*#! was that?!?! I’m sincerely regretting starting Brees over Hasselback. I figured Brees was a shoe in for big fantasy points playing against the Colts high powered offense…his longest completions were to the other team! Oh, and of course the 3 yard completion to himself. Doh! At least I got a point for him catching the pass! Ugh, it takes only one game and I’m already dreading playing fantasy football again this year. Yuck!

  7. Carl…seriously, what the fu** was that?! Can I count that as some kind of bonus points for the RIP challenge because it was pretty damn horrific. I REALLY hope that’s not a sign of the season to come, if it is it’s going to be a really long one and I’m going to be one really cranky guy. Where the hell did my Saints go??? Yeah, the Colts are good, but seriously….seriously! Gotta give it to Manning though, damn he’s one hell of a QB!

    By the way, my first thoughts after the game were “I could’ve finished Dracula instead of watching that crap!”

  8. That’s one place where I have it over you, at least I was working a shift at the group home and was getting paid for watching the game!

    I hope for the sake of my fantasy team that the game was a wake-up call to the Saints and that they dominate from now on!

  9. I think that it will be a serious wake up call for the Saints. 3 years ago, I would’ve said “same old Saints” But with Brees and Sean Peyton coaching, changes will be made and we’ll pick up our game. I know we will. You won’t see another game that bad…Now I just hope that I’m not shoving my foot in my mouth next weekend πŸ˜‰

    I used to work in group homes too, by the way. I was a personal care attendant in a group home with 4 guys with MR and we used to have so much fun on game nights! I miss that!

  10. ah cool! i hope you post some more about football. i love sports, although don’t know enough about american sport – we don’t really get to see it on tv here…

  11. Jean Pierre, If the games this year are anything as horrible as the game was Thursday night, I doubt I’ll be posting much…except maybe to bitch about how bad it was!

    American football is (usually) lots of fun! I don’t know much about UK football (soccer here), but Beckham’s here now to try to change that for all of us πŸ˜‰ I’ve always wanted to follow soccer, but it’s hard to, because they don’t even play it on TV over here. Every now and then you can catch a game on TV, but it’s very rare. I’m sure I’ll be doing some more posts if The Saints pick up their game!

  12. Soooo sorry about the game! The Saints aren’t “my” team, but I’d cheer on just about anybody over the Colts!

  13. Debi, Wasn’t that awful! At least I’m watching LSU play an amazing game right now to erase the memory of the Saints joke of a game!

  14. i’m sorry they lost…! its one thing to lose, but it sounds like it was a really discouraging performance, which is rather worse.

    yeah, its really hard to learn about or get into a sport if one can hardly ever see it!

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