Migraines And Moving Forward

The migraines are back…blah. Things have actually been pretty decent lately when it comes to headaches. Ever since I started the topamax the migraines have started to cool down to maybe 3 or 4 a month instead of the previous 6 to 8 per month. The neurologists says that the best I can hope for is to get them down to about 2 to 3 per month, which will work for me, but she says that unfortunately, I’ll probably always have them and I’ll just have to take the Relpax to get rid of them when I get one. But in the last week I’ve had 2! This will be the third. That sucks…I haven’t had 3 headaches in a week in ages…probably about 6 months.

So I’m spending the night watching Lord of the Rings on TV even though I own the dvds and could watch them with without commercials, a topic that Deslily wrote about not too long ago. Funny how us silly humans do things like that…but then again, if you watch the movie on tv, you do get the wonderful entertainment of seeing commercials with little jingles that sing “viva viagra”……

I’ve been reading again lately which is good. I’m so glad to be out of that slump, and the books that I’ve been reading have been really good! I’m currently reading my first Tolstoy for the classics challenge (a very short Tolstoy) and his writing is incredible! If I’m feeling brave one of these days I’ll attempt to tackle War and Peace or Anna Karenina, but that probably won’t happen any time soon. There’s a great 30 page introduction by Ronald Blythe before my version The Death of Ivan Ilyich that tells you all kinds of really cool things about Tolstoy. Strange guy, but cool guy.

The best news of the week is that I have 2 job interviews next week! One on Monday and one on Friday. The one on Monday is for a job that I’ve been wanting since before I graduated and I’ve applied for that job 3 times, so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for that one! They’re both state counseling jobs, so while the pay wouldn’t be the best, I would have excellent benefits and it would be good experience while I’m getting my licensure. At this point I don’t really care that much about the money any more. Sure, it needs to be enough for me to live on, but I just want to be somewhere where I am happy and where I’m working with kids and making a difference in their lives. If I can find that, I’m cool.


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  1. Good luck with your interviews, Chris. I suffered with migraines when I was in my 20s — terrible awful things! By the time I was 30 they were gone, and I haven’t had one since (over 20 years!)…. so don’t give up hope.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraines 😦 At least there’s a way to keep them under control, but still :\

    I have never read any Tolstoy. I’d like to one of these days. Perhaps for the next classics challenge.

    Best of luck with your interviews!

  3. well I guess I know why you haven’t been doing a lot of reading. I can’t even imagine that many migraines! I hope they are gone for a while for you now.

    I really REALLY hope you get that job that you want!! That would be a great way to end the summer!! I’ll cross my fingers and toes!

  4. Good luck with the interviews!!

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting migraines all the time. I have bad tension headaches constantly and have a hard enough time dealing with them, so can’t even imagine what it would be like to have so many migraines a month. Have you ever considered giving Eastern medicine a try? Or even something like aromatherapy? They might have different ideas about how to help your migraines.

    I’ve always meant to try some Tolstoy but haven’t yet gotten around to it….

  5. Chris –

    Migraines are the worst! I get them but rarely, thankfully. My sister once got them far too frequently. She’d have to take a combination of medication and go to bed. I hope yours go away again and never come back!

    Good luck on the interviews. I hope you get the job that’s best for you.


  6. Thanks cdnreader! Migraines suck don’t they? I’m glad to hear that yours left you eventually! Maybe there’s hope after all! 🙂

    Nymeth, No big deal, I woke up with it gone, so I’m happy now 😉

    If you want a short, quick Tolstoy, I highly recommend The Death of Ivan Ilyich…it’s really great. 113 pages, and that’s including a 30 page introduction. It will give you a little taste of what his writing is like.

    And thanks for the good luck wishes 🙂

    Deslily, I hope they’re gone too. I can’t imagine a fourth this week!

    Oh, I get toes crossed too?! Well now I have to get the job 😉 I really hope I get this one too. I’m just hoping that I don’t get so nervous about the interview that I screw it up!

    Court, Thanks! I’m sorry to hear about your tension headaches 😦 From what I’ve heard, those can be just as bad. I’ve tried a few different herbal medications and they haven’t worked. I’ve used meditation for quite a few years and it’s near impossible for me to concentrate with a migraine. Aromatherapy would be out of the question because I’m so sensitive to smells when I have a migraine. But thanks for the suggestions! Are their other aspects of Eastern Medicine that you’d recommend?

    CJ, Aren’t they the worst? I’m like your sister most of the time…going to bed is about the only thing that will really knock them out. Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  7. Sorry about the migraines. 😦 I had migraines in high school that ended up with me having to stay at home and be tutored, for two years, that triggered fibromyalgia in me. Oh well, at least I don’t get migraines any more.

    Good luck on the job interviews! Tolstoy was strange, and a bit of an ass, lol. But then, his writing makes up for it. I haven’t read War & Peace (I’m saving it for when I join the Peace Corps and don’t have any reading material), but Anna Karenina was a great read.

  8. Eva, That’s horrible! Luckily mine have never been that bad, I can’t even imagine. I’m so glad to hear you don’t get them anymore! You deserve a break after that!

    Based on your recommendation, I’ll go with Anna Karenina when I decide to pick up another Tolstoy 😉 He sounds like he was a bit of an ass from the intro, mostly to his wife…but an interesting guy.

  9. That is great about your interviews! I like your attitude about the money – definitely key to a fulfilling life (says the penniless but happy librarian) 🙂

    And I can’t help myself from suggesting an herbal remedy for the migraines. Have you tried feverfew? I took it for a year or so, and I was amazed at the lessening of not only migraines but regular tension headaches. I stopped as soon as I got pregnant (and was so worried they’d come right back) – and they never did! I still get the occasional tension headache, but (fingers crossed) no more migraines. I’m going to email you some info about feverfew from my library’s medical databases, in case you’re interested.

  10. Hmm, I’ve never tried it, but I know a few people who swear by Shiatsu… you know, the whole pressure points thing. It might be worth giving it a try…. Thankfully, I’m not so sensitive to smells with my headaches, and I’ve found that lavendar essential oils work wonders… don’t know what I’d do without it.

  11. Sorry about the migraines, Chris. I hope the new medications will help cut down on their frequency. By the way, you should give Anna Karenina a try. Tolstoy’s books may be long, but they’re very readable. You get completely immersed in the story and that world, and don’t want to leave it.

  12. Darla, As the old saying goes “money can’t buy happiness”…how true that is! I haven’t heard of feverfew, but I’m ALWAYS up for new ideas on how to tackle these damn headaches! I’d love some info if you have it. My email is chrisa511 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    Court, You know I’ve never tried Shiatsu! I may have to pick up a book on that…thanks so much for the suggestion. I think Eastern medicine and their whole philosophy on healing in general is a wonderful thing. Thanks!

    Robin, Another vote for Anna Karenina! I’ll have to go with that one. I don’t think I’ll mind so much that his books tend to be long because about the only thing I hated about The Death of Ivan Ilyich was that it was so short! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 I tend to enjoy your recommendations!

  13. Good Luck with the interviews!!! I’ll be spending good vibes your way!

    Yeah…I had a migraine last week too. I’m feeling rotten today, but it’s mostly my neck that hurts. It just happens to be radiating through to my head!

  14. Thanks for the good vibes Steph! I’m sorry your feeling rotten 😦 What is it about us book readers and migraines…you’d there’s a connection there or something…must be that tiny print 😉

  15. Oh Chris, I’m so sorry about the migraines! I’ve watched my mom suffer with them, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone…especially not anyone as sweet as you!

    Best of luck on your interviews! I really, really, really hope the “special” one comes through for you…they’d be lucky to have you, I’m sure!

  16. Thanks Debi 🙂 I’ve learned to deal with the migraines…they’re manageable for the most part, just a pain in the rear! I’m nervous about the interview, but excited! Thanks for the well wishes!

  17. I wish you all the best with the interviews. Ultimately my wish for you is that you find a job that is both financially beneficial and satisfies your desires for using your degree and knowledge to help others. That is the kind of career happiness I wish for you!

  18. Thanks Carl. The interview went really well this morning and overall, I’m pretty happy with the position. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out. I should hear something by the end of the week!

  19. Chris that is great news about the interviews. How rewarding to be considered for a position that you’ve wanted a long time.

    I’m sorry to hear about your migraines. I had a professor that used to limit coffee and chocolate in his diet to help control them. Not sure how much medical weight there is in that, but perhaps it can help 🙂

  20. Kim, I’ve been told by my doctor that I may want to limit my caffeine intake as that may help, but honestly, I think I’d rather have the migraines than give up my coffee..now that’s just sad! Chocolate, I can give up, and I have limited my intake of that, but life is so dull without it 😉

    The first interview went great today, thanks!

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