Trying To Savor Harry

I’m making an attempt to slowly experience this last book in the Harry Potter series. I set a goal for myself to read only 100 pages a day so that I could have a whole “Harry Potter Week” for this last book, but I’m beginning to sabotage that plan. Day 1…read 100 pages, Day 2…read 100 pages…last night…couldn’t put it down and read 200 pages. I really just don’t want this book to end. I’m happy with the book so far and it’s proved to be such a thrilling read. Very emotional at times and heart racing at others. I was afraid that those little comfortable, heart warming moments wouldn’t be in this book because of the lack of Hogwarts, but they certainly are and they always bring a smile to my face. I’ll be sad when this book is over, but it seems like it will bring closure to the series. Sorry I’ve been avoiding everyone’s blogs but my livebookmarks show the titles of your posts and I can see that many of you have finished the book already 😉 I’ll be by soon, I promise!

In the meantime, my girlfriend’s mom has moved back to New Orleans and her house is a mess. It’s really sad. Her house got damage from Katrina and it was made worse due to problems with the insurance company and her inability to get her checks to fix the house. I feel like I haven’t done enough to help victims of Katrina (despite being one myself) so this is my chance to help someone out who needs it. Yesterday I started getting her yard back in shape and got the front yard looking nice. Today it will be the front garden and I’ll start the back yard. I actually enjoyed doing it. I miss being able to work in the yard. I used to complain about it, but now that we rent a house I actually miss cutting the grass, edging and weed eating. I’m enjoying this DIY stuff.


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  1. Ah Chris. You are such a sweetie! Even though you were hit too, you want to help others!! I think that’s great! Good Karma will go a long way!

    Glad you had such a good trip!

  2. Only 100 pages a day! How can you do that to yourself? 😛 I perfectly understand not ever wanting it to end, though. I found it impossible to put down, but once I got to the end I wished it had lasted for longer. And like you, I was very happy to see that there were still happy, heart-warming and humorous moments, even if this is the darkest book in the series.

    That is so nice of you to help Megan’s mother :)I hope the house is back in shape in no time!

  3. Steph,People have been so kind to me and my family since Katrina that I had to do something. Plus, my girlfriend’s mom is an incredible person who has been treated so unfairly since the hurricane. She needs the help and I can’t just sit there and not do anything. I can use the karma right now too 😉

  4. Nymeth, obviously I’m not doing too well with my 100 pages a day rule, lol. I just don’t want it to end! Every time I read a chapter I want to go read your review to see what you thought of the book…but I’ll wait of course 😉

    It’s going to take a LONG time to get the house back in shape, but hopefully we can get it at least looking a little bit better. Such a mess…

  5. I’m glad you are enjoying Harry…I can’t get to it for awhile yet. Even when I get home I have to finish the book I was reading…at least I finally got to see the HP movie last night with my son and his family!

  6. Thanks again, Chris, for all that you’ve been doing to help!

  7. Kudos to you on trying to savor the experience. Though just jumping in and enjoying it can be rewarding as well.

    Good for you on helping out. I find that it is always more pleasant to do this kind of work for others than it is when you are obligated to do it for yourself.

  8. Deslily, You have such a great treat waiting for you when you get back home…the book is great! Wasn’t the movie great? I loved it!

    N, No problem! I’ve actually been enjoying it and it’ll help me work off those extra pounds from Caffe Capri 😉

    Carl, I’m afraid I’m fighting a losing battle…the 100 page a night thing is just not working. This damn book is too hard to put down!

    Definitely easier to do this work for others than myself. Maybe if someone told me my own lawn and garden was someone else’s I’d actually keep it up 😉

  9. glad you’re enjoying the last harry!

    its awful how these disasters have repercussions so long after the actual event. for many the disaster itself is often only the start of their problems…!

  10. Wow you are being very disciplined in your reading! I sat down and read it in a day, but at some point I hope to read the whole series again and take a little more time on the last book.

    Yay for DIY and helping out.

  11. You’re too sweet Chris. 🙂

    I’m not even bothering to place any limits on my reading pace for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’ve got a couple of chapters left…I know that I will be very sorry when it ends, though.

  12. Rhinoa, Discipline has been thrown out the window…there are only about 150 pages left which will be finished shortly. The “100 page plan” only lasted 2 days 😉 Isn’t DIY fun?! I’ve been watching all these stupid DIY shows on TV and I’ve always wanted to do some of this stuff myself, so now I have an old broken down house to try it out!

    Quix, A couple of chapters left?! I figured as much :p I’m about at the same place after 4 days, lol…

    Hey, with all the housework you’ve been doing you should pop on by for a cup of tea and give us some pointers, it’s just a short drive 😉

  13. So, you are caving!! I didn’t think you would be able to last!! Harry Rocks!!

    By the way, SciFi Chick tagged me for a blogging meme. Kind of cool, actually. And I’m tagging you now!

  14. Steph, yeah, I caved :p…yay for meme’s…I’ll check it out in a sec.

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