Strike 1 On The Job Hunt

So I didn’t even make it as far as the interview on the first one…here’s the story:

When I first applied for this job it was in response to an ad in the paper that didn’t list the company name, didn’t say anything about the company except that they were hiring counselors and only listed the fax #. When I got a call back for an “interview” I googled their name and found that they don’t have a website, and when I called back I was told by the receptionist that the company does not have voicemail. Ok, it may be a great company with a low budget who puts their money into their clients’ well being.

I finally talk to the lady I’m supposed to interview with and she’s less than friendly to put it nicely. As soon as I ask what the position is that’s available (wasn’t listed in the paper) she lets out a deep sigh and asks “what d’ya wanna know?” Me: “is it a full time position?” her: “we have full time, but we’d rather hire you part time….what’s your degree in, I haven’t looked at your resume?” Wow…

So I do some more research and find that the place is in a really bad part of New Orleans where the majority of our crime rate comes from next to a paycheck cashing place. The lady calls me today saying that she has to reschedule my interview for tomorrow. I tell her I can’t take off of work on that short of a notice. She asks when’s a better time….I ask if she can just mail me an application and some more details on the job…she says no (rudely)….I find out that I’m not counseling in an office, I’d be going into clients’ homes…thinking this isn’t really my kind of job and this hasn’t been the greatest of experiences…I tell her I’ll think more about it and call her back if I decide to continue with the process…she says that’s fine.

Yeah, kinda glad that’s over with. Oh well, that one obviously wasn’t meant to be. On to bigger and better things….


18 Responses

  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry Chris. Still, at least you didn’t have to waste time actually going to the interview…Sounds rather dodgy from where I’m sitting.

  2. It was quite dodgy, I’m not too upset over it though…it wasn’t meant to be. I’m a big believer in fate, so I’m thinking the right thing will click into place when it’s supposed to. I’ll continue to do my part to keep things in motion πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m sure this is just me but.. I’ve had Anxioty counseling (after sitting on top of a 6.8 quake) and depression counseling .. both were in an office environment.. when you told your story today I tried envisioning a counselor coming to where I live to talk to me.. it didn’t bode well in my mind. I don’t know why. I’m sure it’s done in more places then just the one you contacted, but to “start” counseling at a home and not in a controlled environment… nah.. it’s not right. I only see that after the patient and the counselor have had time together and are comfortable with each other… but then.. maybe it’s just me.

  4. Deslily, That was my #1 problem with this place. I understand that for a lot of families, transportation is a problem, but I personally don’t feel that the home is a therapeutic least not for a counseling session. I think counseling should be done in an office that is a neutral setting to the patient…not in a public place…not on their normal territory. Too many have feelings associated with the home, other family members, I’m on “their turf”, etc. It may work for some, but not for me. I agree with you..I’d personally feel uncomfortable having a counselor come into my home for sessions!

  5. Yikes, good thing you didn’t put any more time and effort into that one!

  6. Carl, My sentiments exactly…onto the next round!

  7. What a horrible pre-interview experience. You’re probably better off without that job if that’s how they treat the people they work with. At least you didn’t waste any more time, only to find out how dodgy they were a month into the process.

  8. Any time an perspective employer seems to be hesitate to tell you the details of the job, it’s a warning sign.

    You made the right decision.


  9. Kim, That was the vibe I was getting throughout this process…seriously, what would it be like to actually work with these people everyday!

    CJ, I was thinking the same thing…No details given in the paper and she didn’t want to tell me over the phone either…big red light going off there!

  10. I’m sorry it turned out to be dodgy but I’m glad you found out before you went in any deeper. Good luck on the job hunt. It’s hard looking for a new job. I’m trying too but no one’s calling me in for interviews!!!!

  11. Aichaku, I can sympathize all to well! Here’s a toast to good luck in finding jobs! Seriously..I wish you all the best…I know it’s such a pain!

  12. Wow! I can’t believe they treated you that way through the pre-interview process. I will second eveyone else’s sentiments that it sounds like you made the right decision in not pursueing that job any longer.

  13. Jeff, yeah, I’m not losing any sleep tonight over that one…glad to get away from it to be honest with you. I’ll be surprised if they ever get employees treating people like that! No wonder they have tons of openings!

  14. those people sound utterly useless!! how do they get anyone hired there?!

    obviously its good that you avoided it, but still its not nice getting your hopes up…

    like you said, though, bigger and better things!

  15. JP, my hopes weren’t up all that high with this job, so no hurt feelings! Right..onto better things!

  16. I agree with Quixotic – sounds dodgy. Plus, whoever you deal with by phone or in an interview represents the company as a whole. Meaning, if you encounter a rude person during the interview process, you can assume that treating employees kindly and with respect is not a priority. You’re best off skipping that one. Good decision.

  17. Thanks Bookfool, I’m thinking the same thing…would’ve been a nightmare working with that woman!

  18. That sounds really bad. Good thing it’s over with. Hopefully you’ll soon find a job that actually deserves to have you.

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