A Friendly Reminder of Impending Doom

So in the last couple of days I’ve applied for another 4 jobs. Two of these jobs are ones that I’ve really been hoping for. Well just a few minutes ago my phone rings and a number that I don’t recognize shows up on caller ID. Immediately I go into panic mode and of course I don’t answer the phone, letting it go to voicemail….I’ll call back my future employer. I check the voicemail and alas, it is not my future employer…it is my dentist reminding me that I have to get a cavity filled at 8:00 tomorrow morning. How rude! I hate the dentist…. At least Neil Gaiman is kind enough to reward me with gifts for sitting through the torture of drilling in my mouth. I just hope that the kind people at the bookstore checkout do not wish to have a conversation with me as I will probably drool on the counter as my mouth will still be numbed with Novocaine…


8 Responses

  1. Why don’t you answer your phone when it rings? LOL!

  2. I was not prepared to talk jobs, lol…

  3. well–who was it??

  4. It was just the dentist telling me I had to get a cavity filled :/

  5. Dentists! Even the word creates images of The Marathon Man… ones I’d rather not face!

    Root canal today and now a tooth that wasn’t bothering me before the dentist ‘fixed’ it is killing me!


  6. Oh no CJ! That’s horrible…I’m about to walk out the door now to my death sentence…tsk tsk…

  7. Ha, enjoy!!!

  8. It actually wasn’t that bad…I’m shocked!

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