Really Entertaining SPAM

So at least the SPAM Emails are getting to be entertaining these days. For some reason, I decided to actually read this one because of the person’s name before deleting it and it was truly entertaining. Sounds like someone that we could make a Sunday night TV movie for. Enjoy:

Dear ,
My name is Aminat Kilongo ,only daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Kilongo ,i want someone like you to help me out after i had pray and fast then believes that you are a good person and that i can stay with you for the rest of my life ,am 22 years old lady .My late dad is a wealthy and successful business man before he died and my mum died when i was a baby,am the only child in the family.Before the death of my dad,he called me secretly in the private hospital where he was admitted and inform me to run away from his house because of his blood brother,who is my uncle.It was on that day,my dad reveilled to me that,it was his brother who poisoned him to this level.
Inshort,he seriously warn me to keep this money secretly because he know that,it was because of all his wealth and properties,his brother decided to kill him so that he can inherit all this properties as i am a girl, My dad disclose to me that traditionally,i don’t suppose to get any of his properties because i am a girl.He said soonest,i am going to marry to another family but due to his brother wickedness and greedy,he did not disclose to him about this money (us$10.5 million united state dollars ) in the bank and he seriously advise me to transfer this total money to oversea account for my investment,where i will start my new life and finish my education.Because of this reason,i am soliciting your assistance for the claim and transfer to your bank account for the business.
Sincerely speaking,i am ready to give you 20% of this total money for your assistance and with extral 1% for your expenses on phone call, please u reply me now if really serious to help me out so that i can tells you more about my intention.
Anyway,you can not understand anything now because it is a long story ,please i will be waitting for your urgent response .

Best Rgeards .


14 Responses

  1. Spam – a new and surprising art form!

  2. Really! I may start reading it if it’s all like that!

  3. somehow.. i don’t think the spam for Viagra (and so forth) would quite read as well.. just my opinion mind you…

  4. It’s surprising how convincing some spam can be, isn’t it? I have developed a trick-delete finger in response to spam and sometimes accidentally delete emails I should keep.

  5. No, you’re right…the Viagra spam isn’t nearly as entertaining deslily :p Someone really put alot of thought into this one!

  6. Bookfool, yes, they do indeed seem to be getting more inventive and creative these days. I was wondering where this would’ve went if I would’ve responded to this email. I’ve deleted emails I should keep many times. Bad habit! In fact, I’ve accidentally deleted all the stuff that I WANTED to save by checking all the good stuff before and kept the junk…that’s really bad!

  7. Yeah…I got one the other day that I actually read. It was addressed from Sgt. Major so and so. Something about a trunkful of money that he found in Iraq and needing a way to get it back to the US safely. For just my bank account number to deposit it, he would have split it with me!

    That was fun reading! I’m trying to talk my husband into New Orleans for Halloween and Voodoo this year.

  8. Very interesting, indeed! Just give me your bank account number….

  9. I’ve been to Voodoo twice Steph. It’s so much fun…One of my favorite festivals down here. It’s great! Y’all should come!!!

    Booklogged, Isn’t it though…I’ve always wondered if there are people out there who actually fall for this stuff? I bet you there are…you figure they probably send about a million of these things out…at least one probably responds…that poor person :p

  10. I got almost the exact same email once!

  11. Ha, I think I’ve gotten similar one’s a few times Kailana…just never took the time to read them. I may just have to start glancing over the SPAM before deleting them now. Just what I need…more stuff to read…..

  12. Some of the ones with random combinations of words at the end can be quite hilarious.

  13. Lord help you! When I posted on Lady Rita Mosley’s spam letter to me last year during the R.I.P. Challenge I had no idea what I was creating. That post took on a life of its own and I still get comments on it every week from people who find it over the internet. And the comments range from the funny to the downright crazy!

  14. Carl…oh no…what monster have I created :/

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