A Few Thoughts On Books, Movies, And Vacation

I knew it had to come sooner or later…the first book of the year that I couldn’t stand. It was Grendel by John Gardner. I really wanted to like this book. I read it for the Banned Books Challenge and I’m not going to do a review of it because I really couldn’t do it justice. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what half of the book was about because it couldn’t hold my attention. My mind would wander and I couldn’t be bothered to go back and see what I missed. The writing came off as pretentious to me and I should’ve known I wouldn’t like it when I saw that the New York Times said that it was an “Extraordinary Achievement.” Not that I always disagree with the New York Times, but I picture rich literary people at snobby parties talking about the “cleverness” of this book. Just not my cup of tea. It grabbed me during a couple of passages, particularly at the end, but it wasn’t enough to save the whole experience. Ah well, it happens.

I’ve found myself craving more George R.R. Martin the past couple of days which is a really good sign. I really enjoyed A Game of Thrones, and the more it sinks in, the better it was. So last night I ordered A Clash of Kings (alongwithsevenotherbooks), the second book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, and I just can’t wait to read it! I’m so glad that I decided to start this series and I was so very pleasantly surprised by it. Highly recommend that one to anyone who’s a fan of fantasy or really just a fan of a good character driven story.

Movies…I watched Sin City with my little brother for the first time today and it was incredible! I don’t know why I waited so long to see this one. Definitely a one of a kind experience. It’s filmed like no movie I’ve ever seen before and it’s a treat for the eyes…but then again, isn’t any movie with Jessica Alba. OK…that was lame. But seriously, the use (or lack of use) of color in the movie was great and Frank Miller’s story was just incredible. I’m going to have to pick up the graphic novels. According to IMDB, Sin City 2 is in pre-production and Johnny Depp is rumored to be in this one. Can’t wait. They even have Sin City 3 listed on IMDB, so fans of the original may have quite a few treats coming.

I also rented The Queen which I may start tonight, but seeing as it’s already 12:30 in the morning, I may just save that one for tomorrow. I’ve heard that Helen Mirren did an outstanding job in this movie and I’ve been wanting to see this one, so I’ll let you know how it was.

I’m also a big fan of horror movies and this usually includes the really bad ones as well, but Pulse was just too bad…even for me. I rented this one last week and it was just so stupid. It was the one where a computer virus kills people. So stupid, don’t waste your time. Not a single part that even remotely creeped me out, the story had so many holes that it wasn’t funny, and the acting was God awful. Just no.

And finally, the next vacation of the year is being planned. Since Katrina, I’ve been going to see Megan about 4 or 5 times a year. This year, I haven’t been to see her once yet! I was there for New Years Eve, so that kinda counts and we went to Mexico together, but I haven’t been to Texas. So I think I’m making the trip up there on July 16th or 17th and am coming back on the 22nd. I always have such a great time when I’m up there with her and it’ll be nice to spend the time together doing the things we love to do…the little things I miss like getting coffee, shopping at Target, going to the bookstore, going to dinner…all that jazz. And I get to see Buddy and the rest of her family. I miss everyone there! Can’t wait!


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  1. It’s a shame when you really want to like a ook and just can’t. Nevermind though. I have heard really great things from my best friend who shares my book tastes about the Song of Fire and Ice so I will try and get a copy at some point.

    Sin City was worth seeing but I don’t think I could watch it again. It was too disturbing for my tastes. I really want to see The Queen at some stage as well.

    Have a great holiday next month 🙂

  2. (alongwithsevenotherbooks),

    I bet you thought I’d miss that huh? heh..

  3. alongwithsevenotherbooks

    Love how you snuck that in!

    Sin City is amazing. You can read my drooling review here:


    If you get a chance I highly recommend watching all the extras on the collector’s edition. There are some really great things on there. It is one of my favorite films as far as the process of film making goes. Robert Rodriguez is an amazing film maker.

    As far as SC2, there were some rumors recently that it wasn’t going to be made, but Frank Miller himself said that indeed it will, but both he and Rodriguez are working on different films right now and that SC2 would resume production after those films are completed. I hope so, I want more.

    I thought The Queen was very well done. I really enjoyed reliving that part of history through British eyes and Helen Mirren was incredible.

    So glad you get to see Megan again soon!!!

  4. alongwithsevenotherbooks. Yeah… I think we ALL noticed that one!! You are so bad!

    I can’t believe you hadn’t seen Sin City! I loved that movie!

    I love cheezy horror movies. I just watched Stay Alive the other night. Not bad, especially if you are a gamer!

  5. It’s really great Rhinoa…listen to your friend and check it out 😉 Sin City was quite disturbing, I’ll agree with you there, but I loved it! And thanks for the well wishes 🙂

    Deslily, that’s what I was aiming for 😉

    Carl, clever, eh? I figured you wrote a review somewhere, thanks for making it easy to find! I’m sure the extras are great. I have all the time in the world with no job right now, so I’ll def. be checking them out! Looking forward to The Queen :)…and Megan too 😀

    Stephanie…yeah yeah yeah, lol, they were cheap! Sin City was so good, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it either! Ooh, I haven’t seen Stay Alive yet…I’ll have to check that one out.

  6. So, when are you going to share the titles of those seven other books? 😛

  7. Coming soon Nymeth, coming soon 😉 A few of them are better copies of books I already have…I don’t know why I’m doing that! For instance, I have The Hobbit in paperback, but I bought it in hardcover, illustrated by Alan Lee! And I lost my copy of Ender’s Game in Katrina, so I bought myself a new copy of that too! I’ll post them all when they get here 😉

  8. Can’t wait to see ya next month! Got a box ‘o books waiting for you, too! (Not too exciting, but should be some cool short stories in the lot!)

  9. Yay for big boxes o’ books! Can’t wait to see y’all either 😉

  10. (alongwithsevenotherbooks). . .

    Seems like we all got a good laugh out of that line. It’s like a confession now though, you’ve been cleansed of your sin 😉

  11. Yeah Kim, I just had to get that one off my chest, lol….

  12. I’m so sorry you didn’t like Grendel, but I’m not surprised if you haven’t read Beowulf lately. It is, I think, an excellent parody/re-interpretation of Beowulf and the style perfectly echoes translations from the original, and is especially similar to one of the translations (Kevin Crossley-Holland’s, I think). It really isn’t a book that makes sense or achieves its humor without combining it with the original source. Maybe only English teachers like it… :0

    Love George R.R. Martin’s series!

  13. Yeah, I just couldn’t get into it Jenclair…Parts of it gripped me, but I wasn’t into it as a whole. Loved Martin’s first book! Really looking forward to the rest of the series!

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