Getting Back On Track

Today’s been much better. I’ve felt much better and it’s no doubt thanks to all of you wonderful blogger friends out there. There’s been much talk in the comments of last post about how much fun a blogger convention/meet up would be. I would so love that, though I think the reality of it would not be very feasible. What is it about blogging that brings bonds so quickly. I think that for me, personally, I’m quicker to open up and be honest when I’m writing. I express myself better in writing and I’m also hiding behind a computer. I can be more honest when doing that. So all of my blogger friends get to know me more intimately, more quickly than others do. I think that may be the reason why good friendships are formed so quickly in blogland. I think it’s also easier to find people with similar interest to you on the internet. There are SO many people available….the whole world’s available via the web. For instance…I’m thinking of Carl and Elaine…I feel like they are my twins sometimes. Yet one lives in Kansas City and the other in the UK. What would be the chances of me finding them as friends if it weren’t for blogs. I’m happy for blogs and I’m thankful to all of you out there for putting a smile on my face every day, entertaining me, and for letting me into your lives and supporting me in mine. I appreciate it.

Sunday has been a good day for me. The day started with picking veggies in the garden. Our garden is doing so well! We’ve probably picked about 30 squash since those have started producing and we picked 9 bell peppers today. We also fried an eggplant with dinner tonight and have quite a few of those growing as well. We have TONS of tomatoes on the bushes right now, but they’re all green and look like they’ll all turn red at the same time. I have no idea what we’ll do with all of those. I don’t even like tomatoes.

We also went to Michael’s today because I wanted to get a picture frame for a postcard I bought in Mexico of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It’s on antiqued paper and then put on cheesecloth and it’s really pretty. I love religious art pertaining to any religion be it Christianity, Buddhism, Paganism, anything. Just love it! I also have some other postcards that I got from Mexico that I would like to frame, but I haven’t found the right frames yet. While I was there, I also found a nice little shadowbox that will be a home for some of my little red poppets 🙂 I think little pink will join them when she arrives. I think they like it in there. My favorite purchase were these four sheets of paper that I found and I have absolutely no idea what to do with them, but they were beautiful! They were 4 for $1 so I had to buy them. Don’t you do stuff with paper Elaine? What should I do? I love the Once Upon A Time one…thought of the challenge right away. They have a whole series of these. If you have a Michaels around you Carl, you should stop by….very cool stuff.

So how was everyone else’s Sunday? Colleen wrote a post that sounded like a delightful Sunday…laying in bed with Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn and reading Harry Potter! Ooh, and the Friends of English Magic blog posted it’s review of the Stardust movie and it is a great one! Check it…


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  1. Hi Chris… ok.. so why does the once upon a time paper look like something is written all over it???

    I love the paper! But the closest Michaels to me is a half hour drive and.. getting there is a problem.. but it’s fabulous paper!!

    I’ve accumulated 3 “journal books” from The Hobbit (over the years) that I love. They look like parchment paper and have many “sketches” on the pages. Every once in a while i open them and pretend something is written on the pages lol.. well ok, not really.. but I wish I had nice handwriting so that one day I’d use them.. but I don’t want to ruin them with my awful hand writing lol..

    really glad you are feeling better! (oh, I did a post about Hatching Magic…and just for YOU, I will say the second book is already better!)

  2. Glad all is better today.

    Yes, it would be fun to meet, but you are right…working something like that out would be a mess!

    LOVE the postcards and the paper. I will have to stop by Michaels, I need that Once Upon a Time paper. (love your top picture, btw).

    Can’t wait for fresh garden veggies!!! They are the best.

  3. Deslily,

    ’cause there is stuff written all over it! I think you can order off their website, but it would probably be silly to pay shipping for paper that cheap.

    I have the same dilemma. Horrible handwriting and I hate ruining pretty paper with my handwriting. And I have no artistic abilities though I wish I did, so there’s not much else I can do with it…but I still like to collect it.

    Heading over to your blog shortly to read about Hatching Magic. Glad to hear the second one’s good!


    Feeling much better today, thanks. Isn’t all that stuff cool? I need to stop buying crap like that. I’m running out of space to put it all and I don’t even know what to do with it. I just can’t pass up stuff like that when I see it. Veggies have been good this year. We usually don’t have too good of look, but this year’s been good.

  4. The paper is beautiful. Is it meant for scrapbooking? We have a Michael’s in Jackson, but I don’t get to the north side of town very often, anymore. I’ll have to drop in just to look at it, if for no other reason.

    My Sunday’s been okay. I feel kind of yucky so I slept a long, long time this afternoon. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I read a bit, but I kept falling asleep with a book in my hands – very unusual for me!!

  5. Hey Bookfool, I’m guessing it’s for scrapbooking…I’m not really sure to be honest :p I just liked it alot 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon 😦 Sundays are meant for resting in my opinion so glad you got to rest up a little bit.

  6. “We have a Michael’s in Jackson”…

    There is something oddly musical about that statement, isn’t there? 😉

  7. hehehe

  8. OMG I love that paper…I want! Did you happen to see who it was by, so I can see if they have it over here in the UK?

    I don’t know, I’d probably make something with the paper…or actually just frame the Once Upon a Time paper…it looks pretty cool as it is. Yum!

  9. Yay, I found the paper. It is by Die Cuts With a View, and is available in their usual packs – 12×12 8×8 and 4.5×6 mat stack. Yum. Oh and coordinating ribbon. I may or may not have splurged.


  10. Chris: I totally had a senior moment and forgot about your veggies!.. you don’t like fresh tomatoes? For Real? OMG! Send them my way! I can live on tomatoe and lettuce and onion sammies all summer!! I’ve been known to just cut up wedges in a bowl and put a little miracle whip or vinigar on them and eat a whole bowl full of tomatoes! I also eat them as the fruit they are but just picking one up and taking a big bite!

  11. the virgin of guadalupe is my favorite, enough that I’m contemplating getting a tattoo of her on my body. I just drove through the bywater the other day to find out if the shop that sells pretty much just day of the dead art was open, and it was!

    if you have tons left of the tomatoes you can make a vat of homemade redsauce and freeze it. then again, I doubt you’ll have trouble giving them away.

  12. I didn’t see who it was by Quix, but it has a logo on the back that says “DCWV” and the company is apparently located in Provo, UT. And it’s from the “Once upon a time” line. Pretty cool huh? I was thinking about just framing the Once upon a time one. I love it. I was also thinking about cutting a piece of the green one (bottom right) and using it in the background of the poppet shadowbox.

    OH! Just read your next comment! That would explain what DCMV stands for 😉 Yay! Glad you found it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


    Tomatoes always look so good to me and smell really good, so I go ahead and try them, and it never fails…I still hate them 😦 I like them occasionally dices up on things, but I can’t stand to eat them by themselves or on sandwiches. Just can’t do it. I’m strange like that 😉 I have an ex-girlfriend that used to just pick them off the bush and eat them like an apple an it used to gross me out! yuck :/

    Pamela, Ooh, I didn’t know about that shop in the Bywater…that’s awesome. Do you know if they’re doing the bywater art market again? I used to love that before Katrina, but I haven’t heard anything about it since? Homemade red sauce! Excellent idea. didn’t think of that one. Hey, if y’all need tomatoes, let me know..we have tons 😉

  13. your friend Pam and I would get along great when it comes to tomatoes!

    One of my sons can’t stand them either.. he does like pizza and spagetti sauce but not sliced tomatoes of any kind… if I didn’t give birth to him I’d say he didn’t come from ME! lol..

  14. In the full stacks you can get, there are some more gorgeous looking sheets. See here.

    I expect I will make some bookmarks, and cards etc. And, because your Poppet shadow box idea is so cool, I may just steal that 😀

  15. Maybe your son and I came from the same mother Deslily :p My mom is the same as you.

    Quix, Where did you order them from? They’re all so cool but I don’t think you can order from their website. Did you just order from another retailer?

  16. Oh, and Quix, did you see the Far East set? Those are cool too!

  17. Yeah I picked them up from an online craft retailer in the UK. DCWV are usually pretty well stocked in craft retailers – very popular.

    The Far East ones are indeed lovely – I will probably have to pick those up a little later… *grin*

  18. “I’m quicker to open up and be honest when I’m writing. I express myself better in writing and I’m also hiding behind a computer. I can be more honest when doing that.”

    I’m the same, which is why most of my closest friends were made on Message Boards.

    That is some gorgeous paper you got! I also love your Mexican postcards, especially the Day of the Dead ones. One of my goals in life is to be in Mexico for Day of the Dead one day. Seriously.

    You have probably read it, but just in case, this Terri Windling essay on Day of the Dead is wonderful. I also love this site.

  19. Nymeth, They had tons of Day of the Dead postcards and I could’ve went crazy, but I just picked my favorite 2. I found them at this great little shop in Playa Del Carmen which is this gorgeous little city in southern Mexico. Most of my souvenirs came from that shop. I’m going to frame those eventually too.


    That shop is in the same area and on dauphine. It is a thrift store in the front, and you walk through to the back wall and its a “seperate shop” that sells all that stuff.

  21. Awesome…thanks Pamela!

  22. Chris, just wanted to let you know that I had to stop by Michaels this evening to pick up some supplies I needed (may post pictures up at the blog when/if project gets finished), and ended up finding some of that paper you mentioned. (Though, here in Canada it was all 3 for $1, not 4. Boo.) I had to purchase some of it, and ended up getting a scrapbook frame, so will frame and hang one of the pieces of paper, though am not quite sure which one, or where, yet. Yes, just thought I should let you know because your blog had made me keep my eyes open for fun paper.

  23. Awesome Court! Glad you found it. Everything’s more expensive in Canada, eh? I always feel bad for you guys when I look at the prices on books. I think I may frame a few sheets as well 😉

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