New Pile-O-Books

Like Quixotic, I got a new pile of books in the mail today, so I wanted to do a quick post to show them off. I’m especially excited about Charles Vess’ Book of Ballads which is beautiful and Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling’s collection, The Faery Reel which has some illustrations by Vess. They’re all wonderful and my bookshelf welcomes them warmly.

I’ve been sweating all day over detailing my car and I’m officially done with it. It seems I’ve been “officially” doing things lately, but I only do things if I make them “official.” I have to tell myself that they MUST get done, or I will not do them. I’ll say “later”. But no more later. At least not for now. So now that I’m done detailing the car and entering the new books into LibraryThing (yes Jessica, I used the scanner), I’m going to put together the 3rd and final bookshelf and then I will OFFICIALLY be done putting together the bookshelves. My, those bookshelves put me in a bad mood. They’re such a pain to put together and I tend to snap at people if they’re around me while I’m doing so. Stay away from me for the next couple of hours….


12 Responses

  1. good lord! 10 books at once?! Way to go Chris! lol.. guess we know what you will be reading now!

  2. LOL…I know..I’m telling you, book buying is an addiction! I have about 50 in front of those on the “to be read” pile.

  3. I took 3 of Terri Windling’s prints to have them framed yesterday. I’ve had them for months, but want them for my granddaughter’s birthday.

    Good luck on the bookshelves!

    and, uh, Chris…I’m tagging you for the 8 Things meme. The details are on my blog (no obligation if you don’t feel like it!)

  4. Yay, more book porn!

    I need to get The Wood Wife.

    Great stack of books! 🙂

    I can’t wait to get my bookcases to the house and put together (I’m sure swearing and snapping will be involved), and the fun part – filled! Still a little while off though…

  5. No prob Jenclair! Stephanie tagged me to, so feel free to double dip :p The bookshelves are completed! yay! I love Terri Windling’s artwork. Giving them for a gift or hanging them up for company?

    Quix, Bookporn! I love your new phrase :P. I just discovered The Wood Wife…I’m looking forward to it. I’m finished my snapping and swearing for the day. Now I can just sit back and enjoy the shelves.

  6. Phrase of the day!

  7. SWEET pile of books! Hope you got that bookshelf done. With the way you buy, you are going to need it!! LOL

  8. Yeah, it’s been a problem for a while Stephanie, lol. I think that’s the end of the book buying for now. That’s what my wallet’s telling me. I’m just such a sucker for bargain books (that’s what these were). The bookshelves are done, and so am I! I’m going to do the meme tomorrow. That’s a tough one!

  9. Oh, “Book of Ballads” is wonderful, and the introduction to the cultural history of ballads was great. I felt like taking notes. 😉

    I also see Zelazny’s “Lord of Light” in the pile. I hope you enjoy it. It was my intro to Zelazny, and I love the way he reimagined eastern concept of avatars and rebirth in a sci-fi context.

    Have fun!

  10. I’m really looking forward to both of those Dark! Vess is one of my favorite artists, so I’m SO excited about that one and I love eastern philosophy, so Zelazny’s book sounds great!

  11. Wow, pretty stacks! You’re going to have some fun! I love the way you set up the photo with your poppets and Buddha.

  12. Isn’t it a great stack Bookfool? These were all books I’ve been wanting for a long time!

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