It’s Web Wanderings Time!

I’ve accrued enough cool things on the web over the past 2 days that it’s time to share. Here we go:

1. In Orson Scott Card’s latest review column, he mentioned a new dictionary that is available. It’s called Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction. Yeah, it’s cool. It’s a whole dictionary dedicated to words that have been invented thanks to science fiction books, movies, etc. Orson Scott Card is credited with braintape, vid, and -verse. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this. It’s a geek thing.

2. Lisa Snellings-Clark has a couple of cool things up on eBay which may be gone by the time I post this. But go check anyway. Just back from Balticon, she decided to post 30 little red poppets and 10 little pinks. I got a little pink last night and I’m so excited about it!! Little pinks are $40 and are 4 inches tall. She’s holding a bunny. So excited about that one. As of right before this post, there were 15 little reds left and 3 little pinks, so get over there fast!

3. On the PoppetPlanet forums, there are some great pictures of the PoppetPlanet launch party in the Spare Parts section. Check them out!

4. Quixotical‘s latest post led me to find some incredible handmade journals/notebooks. They’re made by her friend Stormfilled. Her website has quite a few for sale and she has one up on eBay right now. I highly recommend supporting her! I love supporting these wonderful independent artist types who make such wonderful products.

5. Carl posted a great interview with Colleen Gleason on his blog today about her new book, Rises the Night. He’s also doing a giveaway for the 3rd book in the series, The Bleeding Dusk, which won’t be out until February of 2008. If you take a picture of yourself between June 5th – June 10th buying a copy of Rises the Night, you will be entered into a drawing to win an ARC of The Bleeding Dusk. What a great contest! Great interview as always there from Carl!

6. Dark Orpheus wrote a post on Vesak Day. I had never heard of Vesak Day, but apparently it’s today! It’s the day when Buddhists around the world honor the Buddha’s birthday. His parent’s are “going vegetarian in honor of the Buddha’s birthday,” so he posted a link to a website where you can vote for the world’s sexiest vegetarian celebrity. I was surprised by the number of celebrity vegetarians! There’s so many of them.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now.


Getting Settled Back In

Today’s been a day of playing catch-up…settling back in to normal life. I think I’ve about caught up on everyone’s blogs. If I haven’t, I’m getting there, I promise. Lord, you people write too much! 🙂

Lets see. I’ve gotten most of my thank you notes done today and mailed off which feels good. I hate that feeling of things left unfinished. Vice-versa, I love the feeling of checking things off of a list, so…check!

Had to go to the post office to get some stamps and while I was there I got a sheet of the oh-so-cool Star Wars stamps. I’m in love! If you haven’t bought a sheet yet, I highly recommend that you go get some while they’re available. They’re every geek’s dream.

While at the coffee shop writing thank you notes, I also decided to start on my Tiny Story for Carl’s contest. This is going to be fun, but much more challenging than I thought. I have the idea. I’ve got the first line and the last line written and just those two lines constitute 20 words of the 100 word story. I’m in trouble. I would love to share it with everyone when I’m done, but I realized that I can’t because one of the judges is Colleen Gleason and she occasionally stops by over here. Oh well..when the contest is over!

Speaking of Colleen, just a reminder to everyone that the new book, Rises the Night, comes out on June 5th! Very soon. I’m so excited about that one and it looks like there’s going to be yet another “bonus read” added to the Once Upon a Time Challenge. I really need to start plowing through A Game of Thrones. I’ve barely read any of it. Maybe 130 pages on the plane. I got no reading done at all during vacation. At this rate I’ll never finish the challenge. I’m loving what I’ve read of it so far though. Favorite character so far is Jon. We’ll see if he remains a favorite. I’m enjoying Martin’s writing a lot more than I thought I would.

One last thing. Nattie is a blogger who is hosting the Newberry Challenge. She’s such a sweet person and before I went on vacation she was complaining of feeling bad. When I got back I was catching up on her blog and saw that she was diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Please keep her in your thoughts. She’s an amazingly strong person with an awe inspiring attitude and I wish her all the best.

Back Home And Well Rested

Ah, the bed feels comfy and home smells sweet. I loved Mexico, it was beautiful, but there’s nothing like being back home after a week. Where do I start? I could make this a really long blog post, but I’ll make it a short on instead and just touch on the highlights.

The resort was beautiful. We were greeted with champagne and whisked away to our rooms with a king sized canopy bed and jacuzzi. Gorgeous pools and waterfalls all over the resort. Peacocks and iguanas roam the grounds. White sand beaches and the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. Truly was a little slice of paradise.

We ate 5 star gourmet food every meal. Each meal was at least 4 courses and I took pictures of nearly everything I ate because it was all so beautiful. We swam with dolphins (and got kisses from them), went snorkeling and played with tropical fish, got pedicures (strange experience), visited Cancun and Playa del Carmen, ate at authentic Mexican restaurants, shopped in the Mexican markets, talked with the locals, painted on the beach, and so much more. It was the best vacation I’ve had.

The two downers: Number 1, I went swimming in the Caribbean Sea with my phone in my pocket on the first day so I had no cell phone until about two hours ago when I bought a Samsung Blackjack. Number 2, because of Miami’s stupid airport, we missed our flight at 4:30 yesterday and didn’t get into New Orleans until 12:00 last night and therefore spent a total of 14 hours in airports yesterday. Yuck!

It was a wonderful vacation and the memories will last a lifetime. I missed all you blogger friends and thought of you all 🙂 I even brought a poppet with me to take pictures with, but I forgot that I had her with me and didn’t take any 😦 I’ll be playing catch up with everyone’s blogs. In the meantime, I’ll post some pictures from the trip below. Didn’t get any reading done at all, so I really need to catch up for these challenges! I’ll make it….still don’t have a job after all.

It’s Official!

Sorry for the very short posts lately, but I’ve been so so busy! Here’s the proof!:

Followed by brunch at Brennan’s which is one of the most famous of the fine dining restaurants in New Orleans which was awful and horribly over priced, but the ambiance was nice.

Here’s me and Meg (at Brennan’s) who supported me along the way:

And me and the wonderful woman (my mom) who made so much of this journey possible:
And my crazy sister, doing things that only crazy sisters can do at fine dining restaurants :p :

The Honors Ceremony

So tonight was the Honors Ceremony for graduation. The “big news” that was talked about in the comments section last night was that there was a rumor that I was going to get an award. I did in fact get an award for excellence in research for the research I did that I presented at the National Rehabilitation Counseling Symposium in Albuquerque last year. The research was entitled “Extent of Rehabilitation Values in News Articles of the Hurricane Katrina Crisis.” Basically, I found that there were absolutely no rehab values and the media played it very neutral when they could’ve been more of an advocate for the public. So it was nice to have my research recognized with a plaque and some applause. I was just upset that my partner that I did the research with wasn’t recognized as well, but they said they could only give the award to one person. So yay for me! Here’s a picture of me and Megan at the banquet afterwards. The best award of all is that she’s here with me for the next few days :):

I Will Be Disappearing For A Little While

Megan’s coming in town today which makes me very happy 😀 Tonight is the honors ceremony, tomorrow is graduation. I leave for Mexico at 6:00 AM on Tuesday and return the following Tuesday (May 29th). So I’ll probably leave the occasional blog post from now until May 22nd, but they won’t be as frequent as usual and will probably be short. And from May 22nd through the 29th I shall disappear from blog land. But fear not, my friends, I shall return on the 29th and resume my normal blogging schedule. Do not feel that I’ve abandoned you 😉 I’ll miss you guys, but the laptop’s staying home.

Sandman: The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman

The Dream Hunters is the first book I have read this year that I would recommend that everyone should own a copy of. What a special book. It’s quite a beautiful tale told through the lustrous words of Neil Gaiman and the amazing oil paintings and charcoal sketches of Yoshitaka Amano. Both are among my favorite artists of today, Neil being one of my favorite authors and Amano my favorite artist.

The Dream Hunters is Neil’s version of a Japanese folk tale called The Fox, The Monk, and the Mikado of All Night’s Dreaming. It is the story of a solitary monk who tends a temple on the side of a mountain in Japan. One day, a fox and a badger decide to fool the monk into leaving the temple so that they may make it their home. Though they fail in doing so, the fox falls in love with the monk in trying and transforms into a woman.

While back in fox form, the fox one day over hears a group of demons speaking of plans for the monk’s death. The monk will have 3 dreams. In the first he will dream of a box, in the second, a key, and in the third, the key will open the box. When the box is opened, the monk will be caught in the world of dreams and will therefore starve and thirst to death leading to his death. The fox goes to the King of All Night’s Dreaming to try to help her monk.

This was one of my favorite Neil Gaiman work’s that I’ve read. The whole book was such a moving experience. The tale was beautiful. Neil was able to keep the feel of a traditional Japanese folk tale. Amano’s artwork never ceases to amaze me. There’s no artist like this man. So much emotion and detail captured in his paintings. Amano and Gaiman work together perfectly. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this tale. It’s a fairly quick read at 126 pages and is a pleasure to read. This one pulls at the heart strings and paints a world that the reader can get lost in. Enjoy.