Hibernation Sounds Like a Good Idea…

Bears have the right idea. Just sleep through a season once a year. Lack of sleep for the past 2 years is really starting to get to me. It seems like every morning, I’m about 5 minutes later for work and it’s that much harder to get out of bed. I need more motivation or more time to sleep. Graduate school, 40 hour/week internship, and paid job on the weekends does not allow for much sleep at all. I feel like I never have time to read anymore which makes me sad. Readings my favorite thing to do, but I can’t read more than 15 pages these days without my eyes falling shut. I’ve been working on Moonheart, which is excellent, for three days now and I’m only about 200 pages into it! I can only imagine how long it will take me to get through A Game of Thrones. As for now, I have 4 hours until class tonight, so I may just go and take myself a nap. Catch up on sleep when you can….the #1 rule of grad school.


12 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind hibernating right now either, although for different reasons.

    Hope you managed to get a good nap in!

  2. Looks like we could all use a little hibernation 🙂 Got an hour long nap in…that works for me!

  3. I remember those days of work and school well, Chris and don’t envy you. Life won’t necessarily feel less busy once that is all over, but it sure will be a relief to not have the stress of school in your life.

  4. I hope so, Carl. It’s almost over…May 19th!

  5. I love naps… They can really turn your day around! You are so close to the end of your program, but those final weeks seem to drag on forever. You will feel so much more energy when your focus is entirely on getting started into your life that comes after school ends.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Robin. I’m so excited about graduating and getting my career started and applying all this knowledge.

  7. Hope you had a nice nap. You’re doing better at the reading than I am. I read about 40 pages, last night, and today I don’t feel like reading at all (or writing, for that matter – can’t summon up the energy to write the two reviews I need to write). You’ll catch up, eventually. I think it’s amazing how much you cram into your days.

  8. Thanks Bookfool…the nap helped alot! It’s amazing what a little shut eye can do. I know the feeling you’re talking about. Just really not feeling like doing much of anything. We need days like that every now and then I think.

  9. Ahhhh…naps. I remember those days! I miss the academic life (now that I’m not in it!) I had originally planned on getting my MBA, but I’m so burned out on business. I have thought about going back and getting my teaching certification…but there just isn’t time. Wish I had planned things out a little better when I was in school!!

    Hopefully, you get some reading time in this week. Maybe the nap will help!

  10. Guess what?! I was reading my Wrinkle in Time last night and came across this great quote: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” She smiled broadly. Prospero in The Tempest. I do like that play.”

    See? Your very own title in one of my Once Upon A Time Challenge books. And to think I’d never really noticed that quote before.

  11. Hey, I answered your tag today! and now, nap time!

  12. Stephanie, I have a feeling that I’ll eventually miss the academic days as well. But not any time soon 😉 I wish I would’ve thought out school a little more as well. But, whatcha gonna do?

    Bellezza, That’s my favorite Shakespeare quote which is where the title of the blog is taken from. The Tempest is such a great play! I noticed that in A Wrinkle in Time as well and got so excited to see that Madeline L’Engle has similar favorite quotes as myself 🙂

    Carl, Haha! Hope you enjoyed your nap. I’ll be heading over to your site now to read it 🙂

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