It’s Gonna Be A Good Monday!

Or so I’m telling myself. It’s my mantra of sorts for today. Why is it going to be a good Monday, you ask…That is because after a little over a month of waiting, we get a brand new episode of Heroes tonight!! I’m so excited. It felt like such a long wait. I haven’t felt this excited about a TV series in a long time. Heroes is every geeks dream (which is why I love it). Super powers, villains, heroes, blood, guts, and wonderful art by Tim Sale. Does it get any better than that? Today is going to feel like such a long day as I wait in anticipation of tonight.

I can check the first chore of the day off. Went to the internship this morning and I think my happiness for Heroes wore off on my patients. They were all in such a good mood today and we had a really good process group. Next up is 6 hours of school and then I can come home and relax….and watch Heroes.

There’s another great series on TV that I’ve just started watching and it’s on Lifetime of all channels. It’s called Blood Ties and it’s the story of a cop whose best friend is a vampire and together they solve paranormal mysteries. How cool! It’s a little bit cheesy, but I’m liking it so far. It comes on Sundays at 9:00 Central time.

I’m in the middle of Charles DeLint’s Moonheart right now for the Once Upon a Time Challenge and I’m loving it so far. This is my second DeLint and I’m starting to feel that he deserves to be right up there with Gaiman. He’s a remarkable storyteller and I just enjoy his books so much! I’ll be sure to post the review as soon as I finish it.

Did I mention that Heroes comes back tonight?


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  1. Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by the site! I am glad we could be of help as far as more reading is concerned. ^__^

  2. I haven’t seen Heroes yet – will have to remedy that very soon!

    de Lint is awesome. Truly awesome. Can’t say more than that!

  3. Wish I could be excited about Heroes coming back on tonight, but I am several episodes behind, so it’s return just means more pressure for me to catch up!

    Its a great show, though.

    Glad you’re enjoying Moonheart. I am so tempted to get that one in the signed Subterranean special edition.

  4. Just in case you are interested, I am pretty sure that “Blood Ties” is based on books by Tanya Huff. Having never read her myself, I am not sure how it works, but you might want to read the books that inspired the show. I have never actually watched that… or Heroes… so this is more for information than anything

  5. I haven’t seen Heroes. Actually, I don’t even know what network it’s on; we only get a few fuzzy channels, so I’m not sure if I can get it.

    I’ve been waiting on a Charles de Lint book for ages but it hasn’t come in. At least I know he’s awesome. Something to look forward to, right?

  6. Mailyn, The site is great! Always looking for new stuff. I just don’t know if I’ll ever get down to it with the size of the list I have!

    Quixotic, You would LOVE heroes. You can buy episodes on Itunes for pretty cheap. DeLint IS awesome. I have a feeling I’ll never get bored with his books.

    Carl, hehe…Do you have DVR? If not, like I told Quix…Itunes! I love Moonheart so far. I love the cover art by Bergen. That’s what made me decide on this one.

    Kailana, Thanks for the info on the books! I’ll get down to them sometime!

    Bookfool, It’s on NBC and it’s amazing! You would love it. Check it out whenever the first season makes it on DVD. Maybe the library will carry it. And Delint is definitely something to look forward to. I think you’ll like him alot as well. Which book are you waiting on?

  7. Hey Chris,

    I can’t seem to get myself through The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking, so I’m going to ditch it. Want my copy? I wrote in it in one place (sorry), but otherwise it’s like new.

  8. Oops, didn’t see you answered my earlier post. It’s A Circle of Cats – I’ve had it on my wish list at PBS for a while and can’t find it at the stores in Jackson (so far).

    NBC, okay. Thanks! I’ll check. I don’t even know what we’ve got, besides Fox!

  9. Bookfool, I would love that! I actually have the book on my wishlist. Thanks so much πŸ˜€ You made my day. I’ll email you my address.

    I haven’t heard of that DeLint book, you’ll have to tell me how it is.

  10. nancytoes@bellsouth dot net

    I’ll tell you how the DeLint book is, when I finally get it! Could be a while, but you know I have toppling towers of tomes, so I’m seldom in any hurry to acquire.

    No problem – pop me a line and I’ll send the book. I knew you were interested and it’s just not doing it for me, but I think it’s interesting. I like knowing it’ll have a good home. πŸ™‚

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