So I Got Tagged….

I was tagged by my good friend Literacy-Chic to do this meme. At first I thought, oh great!, but I kinda like this one. Here it is:

Booked By 3 Meme:

Name up to three characters…

1. ….You wish were real so you could meet them:

  • Ender Wiggin from Orson Scott Card’s Ender series. One of my favorite characters of all time. Ender is the reason that I love OSC’s work and he is truly a remarkable character.
  • Shadow from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I loved Shadow. He was an incredibly cool character and I actually thought “I’d like to meet him” while I was reading the book. One of my favorite books by the way.
  • Nafai from Orson Scott Card’s Homecoming series. Another brilliant Card character. I loved Nafai from when he was a boy of 5 all the way through the series until hundreds of years after his death. What a great character!

2. ….You would like to be: (I hate this one)

  • J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan…when I first saw the Peter Pan movie as a child, I wanted to be just like him and the child in me will always want to be. He’s what every little boy wants to be. He can fly, he fights pirates, plays with swords, visits with mermaids and all kinds of other fantastic creatures. How cool would that be.
  • Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange…OK, so he get’s into a little bit of trouble, but how fun would it be to be a magician in Victorian England. He had a pretty damn cool life. I would not like to be Norrell, he never had fun.
  • Tristran from Neil Gaiman’s Stardust…Here’s another one that you may ask “why?” Tristran got himself into trouble but how cool was his life. He got to date a hot star, was part magical creature, and well…read the book!

3. ….Who scare you:

  • Croup and Vandermar from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. They creeped the hell out of me. Rat eating, evil people, yet they’re so entertaining.
  • Achilles (pronounced ah-sheel) from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow series. This guy, or boy, was just all together creepy. He scared me because of the way his mind worked…and it was never used for good.
  • The Zombie with the Harvard sweatshirt in Stephen King’s book Cell. So many people hated this book, but I loved it and the zombie leader guy was quite creepy in a very cool way to me.

OK, so it’s time to tag people and you’re all going to hate me :p But I’m only choosing the three of you because I really want to hear your answers.

1. Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings….I know you’re busy, but you have to fit this one in 😀
2. Elaine at Quixotical...You’ll have fun with this one 🙂
3. And Bookfool..You’re one of the first people that popped into my head!

Then of course, y’all have to tag someone else…


15 Responses

  1. I thought of you immediately with this one! I thought you’d have fun with it. Thanks for explaining your answers. I rather like your “characters who scare me” answers!

  2. hehe…I had fun with this one

  3. I don’t hate you! 🙂 Thanks for tagging me. This one’s going to require some thought. Now, you’ve got me dying to read Stardust! Next time Carl does a challenge I should be ready, thanks to all your great recommendations!!

  4. You should read some fantasy Bookfool! I think you’d love Stardust. It’s a quick read and it’s wonderful. This one did require some thought. I probably would’ve come up with some better answers had I taken more time with this one.

  5. What a compelling meme! I can’t say I’d like to be Jonathan Strange, but Peter Pan? You bet! I’ve always wanted to fly, and anyway, Wendy is such a boss. I probably was like her when I was younger, but now I’d rather be brave like Peter.

  6. Eh, you can’t say Strange’s life was boring 😉 Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog by the way Bellezza!

  7. I have answered over on my blog, but rebel that I am, I have not tagged anyone 😛

    Fun meme, but kind of tough!

    Loved your answers Chris, very interesting! I quite liked Cell, although I didn’t think it was one of King’s stronger books. You’re right, the zombie leader was quite creepy indeed!

  8. Sitting down to have a pastie with Shadow would indeed be a fulfilling experience. Good answers.

    No problem, I’ll do it. Probably won’t be until next week though.

  9. Next time? You still have time Bookfool!!! 😉

    Quest 4 is only a one book commitment:

  10. I agree with you about Harvard zombie, Chris. That was one bad dude. And I really liked ‘Cell’ up until a certain point where it got very surreal for me.

  11. Quix, glad to finally see someone else liked cell! Definitely not one of his best, but different. That was a hard Meme…I was very upset when I was initially chosen :p

    Carl, Shadow was just a cool guy. I felt so bad nominating you since you’re so busy with the challenge and all, but this one just screamed you!

    Kookie, I know what you mean. It did sort of completely change right in the middle of the book. A good one nonetheless though. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Don’t feel bad, memes are fun and I haven’t done one in a long time!

  13. My son just read Ender’s Game and loved it. He’s finishing the second book in the series now.

    And I just finished the Last Unicorn. Wonderful! I really look forward to starting Stardust next. It’s my first Gaiman book but it looks like no one can read just one. =)

  14. Wow Petunia…you and your son have great tastes in books! Right up my alley. Hope you enjoy your first Gaiman, I wish I was reading him for the first time again….

  15. Thanks for the compliment, Chris. We’re going to have a great time blogging together, especially for this challenge, because I like yours too!

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