And It Just Didn’t Get Any Better

So I go to school and am sent home immediately. All but one student showed up for our clinic class. Therefore we were ALL accused (those of us that were there) for not taking this class seriously. Now…everyone except for myself and another student have missed this class at least once, some more than once. Why me and the other student had our heads chewed off, I do not know. When asked why we don’t take this class seriously, I told the teacher that I do and I that I thought that has been evidenced by the work that I’ve done and put into the class. The teacher then decided to tell us that he had better things to do than sit in a class like this and left. How mature. I really hate this mindset of everyone suffers for the one bad seed. It’s been an ongoing theme of this program. Yes, our class may complain at times, but for a counseling program, no empathy is shown at all from the teachers. We were thrown into this program during Hurricane Katrina and everything has been up in the air for us from day one. But no one understands that. Instead they call us a “extremely hyper emotional class.” What are the chances that 20 hyper emotional people all happened to be chosen for one class, and we all just happened to have the same delusions. Is it possible to even consider that the administration is at fault for alot of this. The program was basically forced to start over after Katrina and I understand that. But think of what it feels like to be the guinea pigs of a new program.

In addition to this, I’ve had this horrible mass murder at Virginia Tech on my mind all day and it’s just so upsetting. I feel so much for those students and for the families of those that lost their loved ones today. I can’t believe that people feel that they have that much of a right to take someone else’s life. It’s infuriating. In the What? puts it perfectly in his blog post about it.

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  1. Sounds like your prof was looking for an excuse to cancel and so made one up. Sorry to hear your day has been so crappy! And it’s so unfair to lump a “class” all together. They’re rather fostering the herd mentality, when they should know better. When I want to cancel, I either suck it up or find a valid excuse. Attendance issues do get me down, but I usually build in enough rope for them to hang themselves if they miss too often. Then I don’t have to take roll! I did rather tell someone off for coming in 30 min. late and wanting to leave after 6 minutes of a lame attempt at an assignment. But unlike your experience, this was focused on one student and merited. Besides, all I did was tell him that he could spend at least 1/2 of the class time working on class-related activities! 😉 There’s no excuse for your prof’s behavior, and I’m proud of you for standing up to him! I had to do it once when I was accused of not being serious. (I was more serious then, btw.) Take care!

  2. Thanks N! I wish I had more professors like you. I’d imagine you’re a great teacher and I would’ve loved to have you as an english teacher in college. But I’m happier that I got you as a friend 🙂 Damn grad school! Almost over…until I decide to go for my PhD that is…

  3. UGH, thank god you are close enough to count down that days at that place. . . . .
    They never cease to amaze me at school, but hey, it is just all of us being irrationally emotional. Maybe we should turn into robots.

  4. That does sound deeply unfair. 😦

    I was deeply saddened to hear the news of the shooting.

    The In the What? post is a good one – I liked it.

  5. Pamela, I’m thinking robots are a good idea 🙂 After all, that’s what they expect us to be. Hang in there, the end is at least in sight.

    Quix, I still can’t get over the shooting. More details are constantly unfolding and alot of the students are starting to talk about it to the media. Very emotional…

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