(Good) Friday Favorites…New Orleans Style!

New Orleans is known as one of the biggest Catholic towns in the country. We’re also known to use any excuse to party. Combine these two and you get a Good Friday tradition….a crawfish boil! Chris and Angela had their annual crawfish boil this afternoon and it was perfect. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here today. They boiled about 120 pounds of crawfish of which I probably ate about 10. Add to that 4 beers (a must have with crawfish) and it was quite an enjoyable afternoon. Sunny skies, a cool breeze, lots of friends and family (that I didn’t know) and tons of good food. Quite a nice afternoon.

Managed to have my migraine carry on into another day. Work was excruciating today as there was lots of patients yelling. I think patients tend to get more upset around holidays which makes sense. Unfortunately, many of them will spend their Easter in the hospital, away from their families. So I guess I can understand the yelling and screaming and kicking. But understanding only does so much. It doesn’t help my migraine. But I found something that does! After discovering so many others out there with migraines through my blog I hope to have a helpful tip for everyone….Head On Migraine! I’m sure we’ve all heard of Head On (apply directly to the forehead). Well this is one specifically for migraines and it worked for me today when my prescription stuff didn’t. It looks like a giant tube of chapstick. You literally apply it directly to your forehead. Now I don’t know if there’s medication in it, but it works. It sort of gives you this cold, tingly feeling like you have ice on your forehead. That feeling distracts your brain from the pain. But even after the tingly feeling wore off, my headache was gone! And the best thing is, you can’t overdose on it…you can apply it as much as is needed. So migraine sufferers, try this out! It’s one of the best 8 dollars you’ll spend.

Hope everyone else has had a nice Good Friday and that you continue to have an enjoyable Easter weekend!


7 Responses

  1. Where do you find Head On, Chris? I’m so tired of this headache, I could scream. But, I won’t because you’ve gotten enough of that. Glad you had fun at the crawfish boil. The spices ought to clear your head. 😉

  2. The spices did help! I found Head On for the first time at Walgreens. I couldn’t find it for the longest time. I was shocked it actually worked! Nothing works.

  3. Glad you found something that is helping with your migraines.

    Good beer and crawfish…I am SOOOOOO jealous!

  4. Oh, great, we have a Walgreens! Thanks!!

  5. No problem…hope it works for you as well! Used it again today and it worked again…good sign.

  6. Hmmm. . . That’s a whole lotta crawfish for a fast day! 😉 I won’t tell Anton, though. He’d just drool. I think his Good Friday fare was a granola bar!

  7. Haha! I think New Orleans makes an exception for fasting. I was talking about that not too long ago. And I guess I’m guilty of it too. The purpose of not eating meat on fridays during lent is totally lost for the most part. Instead of not eating meat, we just throw a party.

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