Please Help Peter Beagle

This is so sad. I had heard about this a while ago. Apparently, Peter Beagle is getting nothing in return for sales of his DVD of The Last Unicorn. Upon reading my review of the book, his business man Connor Cochran sent me the message below and I wanted to pass it on. Please support this cause and if you buy the DVD, buy it through Conlan Press.


Glad you liked THE LAST UNICORN. I will share your review with Peter immediately.

If you don’t mind, I also hope you could spread the word about a serious problem. In the last eight years, the English company that owns the film version of THE LAST UNICORN has sold more than a million DVDs and videotapes of it around the world, and owe Peter hundreds of thousands of dollars according to his contract, yet they have so far refused to pay him anything. To deal with this and other nasty situations we are trying to use the power of the web to help connect Peter directly with his fans, raise awareness of the issues, and get him what he is legally and ethically due.

Here are some URLs offering more information about the situation:

General help page:

Peter’s fans post messages of support:

And here is a link to a press release about our latest effort to help Peter — ironically enough, through sales of the very DVD that he is being cheated out of his proper earnings on!

…you see, if people buy a DVD from the Conlan Press site we set up, either personally autographed or not, then Peter makes more than half the purchase price. If someone buys a copy anywhere else, Peter gets nothing.

— Connor Cochran
Business Manager for Peter S. Beagle


One Response

  1. If he is owed the money due to his contract and hasn’t received it, why doesn’t he just sue them? Something doesn’t sound right here.

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