Migraines, Migraines Go Away

No migraine today, thank God, but I did go to the neurologist this morning to have the meds switched up a bit. I’ve been taking Amitryptiline for awhile now for migraines. It’s an antidepressant that’s also used to treat migraines. It hasn’t been working too well, but it has helped with my depression…go figure. So I think I’m going to stay on that medication in addition to the new one. The new one she prescribed is Topamax…anyone else try this one? It’s a seizure medication, but hopefully will work in the migraine prevention area as well. It’s got some brutal side effects which I hope won’t come my way, although I wouldn’t complain about the weight loss 😉 I’ve found that Relpax works really well in getting rid of headaches. It’s just so damn expensive ($30 co-pay for 6 pills!), but it’s worth it.

As for the rest of the day, school is on the menu. blah…I’m going early though so that I can stop by the bookstore and get a diploma frame for my Master’s which will be in my possession on May 19th 😀

What a boring post…

Don’t forget to get your name in for the Mirrormask giveaway. I’m picking the name tomorrow night!


Where Do Books Come From?

After reading one of Jenclair’s wonderful book reviews, I decided to ask her where she finds her books. She has such an eclectic collection of books that she’s read and among those are so many books that I’ve never heard of before. Many of her reads come from the “what’s new” shelf at the library and from other bloggers out there. It sparked some great conversation on her blog. So I decided that I’d answer that question for myself as well.

I have no idea where some of my books came from. There are certain authors that I’ve read for awhile, and they’ve become auto buys. Orson Scott Card and Neil Gaiman are my two biggest auto buys. No matter what they publish, I’m buying it. Charles de Lint has become one of those auto buys as well for me.

Then there’s the “chocolate authors”, a phrase that Elaine coined not too long ago on her blog, and I like it. Chocolate authors are those authors who aren’t necessarily the best authors in the world, but they’re a fun guilty pleasure. Dean Koontz is Elaine’s chocolate author. I’d have to say that Stephen King is mine. His books aren’t literary genius, but I know I’ll have fun with them. So whenever a new King book goes on the shelf, I’ll usually buy it.

Most of my new finds come from the internet. The blogging world has become a HUGE resource of To Be Read books. Every time I read a review that I like, the book goes on the always growing Amazon list. Then there are favorite authors of mine that recommend books that they like. Orson Scott Card writes a weekly review column and there are usually a couple of books that I like on there. That’s where I learned of the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull (second book comes out on Tuesday!). I loved the first book, and am looking forward to the new one. Neil Gaiman mentions books as well every now and then on his blog.

I’m also a bookshelf browser at the bookstore. I’ve been known to buy books based on their covers alone. If a cover really catches my eye, I’ll buy the book just to stare at the cover, and most of the time I end up enjoying the book as well.

Amazon’s recommended reads and Listmania’s have been a great resource as well.

I seldom go to the library. I love libraries, they’re wonderful places, but I have a strong need to own my books. I like seeing them being collected on the shelves, and books almost become a friend to me that I can revisit later on.

So where do you find your reads? As Jenclair recommended, write a post about it and link back in the comments. Or just leave a comment on here. I’d love to know!

A Very Nice Night

Well tonight was just what I needed. It’s been quite a stressful week with work and school. To top it all off, I really wanted to go to Jazz Fest to see Norah Jones today but had to work. I haven’t been to Jazz Fest in ages and it would’ve been nice to go again, but alas, it didn’t happen. But I’m o.k. with it.

After work, I met Chris and Angela for coffee at Puccino’s and we just sat outside, drank coffee and laughed all night. That was followed by my favorite restaurant in the Quarter, Angeli. Angeli is this great little hole in the wall restaurant on the outskirts of the French Quarter that’s really dingy, yet has so much character to it. The floors are slanted, the paint on the walls is chipped in a cool way, silent movies play in the background, there’s collages on the wall, and Jeff Buckley plays on the stereo. Top all of that off with amazing food (chicken alfredo tonight) and a pint of Newcastle and it’s just the coolest little place…

The Quarter was packed tonight because of Jazz Fest, so it was nice just to watch the hodge podge of people walking past the windows drunk as all hell. It really would be hard to move away from this city. I found myself thinking “where else could I find this?”….

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday party and the day to catch up on school work. At least I’m in the final stretch for school. That feels nice…On the menu for Mom’s birthday dinner is Eggplant Parmesan, her request. And cake of course 🙂

Lisa Snellings-Clark’s Gallery Is Opening!

Just a quick little note to let everyone know that Lisa Snellings-Clark is reopening the gallery via eBay with Poppets and Rats galore. The gallery is officially open tomorrow, but Little Red Poppets are available now for only $9 a piece. I’ll definitely be picking up a new friend 🙂 This time around there are Alice in Wonderland poppets, Poppets with Masks, and Rats available! Good luck to everyone!

By the way, I’ve made the giveaway a sticky post…feel free to advertise on your blog for the book so that we can make this a proper competition 😉

I’m Overwhelmed With Cool Stuff!

So first of all, I get home and see that I won the contest for Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenge and will be the recipient of an Endicott Studio Tshirt and a signed Print from Terri Windling. How frickin cool! I chose Tree Woman and Child. I love that print. It’s beautiful. Congrats to Quixotical and Marina as well, two more winners! By the way…Endicott Studio is a wonderful thing and they donate to a lot of children’s charities and need money to continue to support themselves. I highly recommend that if you have a little extra, contribute to them. In return for your contributions you can get beautiful Terri Windling prints and Endicott Studio tshirts that are really cool!

Then, I got my grab bag from Subterranean Press. I ordered one of these $99 grab bags and was hoping that I wasn’t getting ripped off. I definitely didn’t get ripped off. 9 beautiful, mostly signed and numbered editions came very quickly worth over $450 dollars. Wow. Here’s what I got:

Charles Stross’ Missile Gap (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)
David J. Schow’s Havoc Swims Jaded (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)
The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg (This one’s gorgeous!)
Dead Names: The Dark History of the Necronomicon by Simon (Signed, Limited, Numbered)
Kealan Patrick Burke’s Currency of Souls (Signed, Hardcover, Numbered)
Tim Powers’ A Soul in a Bottle (Signed, Limited, Numbered)
James P. Blaylock’s 13 Phantasms (Chapbook)
Peter Crowther’s The Spaces Between The Lines (Deluxe, Numbered, Hardcover)
Terry Lamsley’s Made Ready & Cupboard Love (Signed, Limited, Numbered)

Ready for this one……I nearly lost my breath when I saw it:

Mirromask by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean (Signed, Limited, Numbered, and BEAUTIFUL)

I know this book alone costs $125 because I thought of buying it (but couldn’t bring myself to since I already have the regular copy). I was blown away that they put this in a grab bag. All of the books sound great.

And finally, I also got an Email from booksprice.com offering me a free book. I chose Storm Front by Jim Butcher (The first in the Dresden series). They’re a really great site! I checked them out. You type in the book, cd, game or dvd that you’re looking for and they show you a list of different retailers and who has what for the best price. Great tool for us book buying addicts! 😀

What a great treat of a day after complaining about losing all of my books yesterday! Gotta love that positive karma 🙂

The Thing That Is Library

So what did Chris find in the mail today? I found my CueCat that I ordered from Library Thing and I love it! It’s this cool little ISBN scanner that puts all of the information for your books into your Library Thing. It’s $15, and well worth it if you ask me. Now I can be a librarian wanna-be at home whenever I want.

I’ve finally updated my LibraryThing and put all of my books onto it. This was exciting for me, but very sad at the same time. I realized that Katrina ate a big chunk of my books. I knew that I lost a bunch of books, but didn’t realize how many until I pulled the ones left out of storage once I got the new bookshelves. After taking a census of my books via LibraryThing, I have 180 books left, though I bought many of those (prob. about 80) since Katrina. Among the missing books are all 3 Lord of the Rings books, Ender’s Game, Children of the Mind (one of my favs in the Ender series by Orson Scott Card), Seventh Son (first in Orson Scott Card’s Alvin Maker series) some C.S. Lewis books (though I still have most of his), my original copy of A Wrinkle in Time with my favorite cover, all of my cheesy Anne Rice books that I used to love and will probably buy again, and countless others that I can’t think of right now. Kind of a bummer, but it’s all good. It will be fun to build up the library again from scratch.

P.S. I’ve added a LibraryThing thing to the sidebar

The Days That Make It All Worth It

I’ve come to learn very quickly that there are certain days that make all the work that goes into counseling worth it. There are those days (which are numerous) where it seems like the majority of the patients are not interested in getting better or at least don’t seem to be getting any better. I know this is more common among adolescents than adults since adolescents are for the most part forced to go into inpatient treatment while at least some of the adults check themselves in. But every now and then, there are those days where I just leave with a big smile on my face and see so much improvement in my patients. Those are the days that count for me.

Right now, we have a lot of cutters and self mutilators on our unit. So, for the process group this morning, I chose to focus on why people cut and have everyone share their experiences. What an emotional group. Lots of stuff came up that triggered other clients and a lot of tears were shed, but by the end of the session, everyone seemed to be more comfortable…laughing and having a good time. A lot of these kids haven’t laughed in months. It takes a lot of courage to talk about things that are this personal, but everyone did, and I could see the catharsis of talking about it on their faces. Everyone was sharing hugs by the end of the group, which usually isn’t allowed on the adolescent unit because it leads to something else, but today it was appropriate…and I let it slide.

I’ve tried this before (a group on cutting) and it was a disaster. I don’t know if I just have a better group of patients now or if I’ve become more comfortable with the job. It’s probably a mix of both. I made a special point of pulling each patient aside for the day and letting them know how proud I was of them and how much I can see that they’re working to get better. I hope it helped them as much as it seemed to.

I’m in such a good mood now as a result of this. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is as good!