I May Be Broke, But I’ve Got Peter Beagle

Thanks to Carl, I had to go spend money on a book today :p. It’s really not his fault though, it was my choosing. One of the books that I signed up for for the Once Upon A Time challenge was Peter Beagle’s The Last Unicorn. Now, I have all the other books that I’m reading for the challenge sitting on my shelf, but I just had to have this one first even though I had only $18.99 in my checking account (it’s called being a grad student). On the positive side of being a grad student, my stipend should be coming in in about 4 days, so I’ll manage.

I tend to do this alot with books. I have probably about 50 books sitting on my to be read shelf, including the other 4 books I’m reading for the challenge, but I still manage to always “need to buy” another book. That’s one thing I like about these challenges – I can commit to reading some of these that have been sitting on the shelf, lonely and abandoned for far too long. Unfortunately though, I don’t own the rest of the books that I signed up for for the Banned Books Challenge, so I’ll have to be buying those. It’s worth it though.

So now I just need to finish Fahrenheit 451 tonight for the banned books challenge and then I can start The Last Unicorn. Can’t wait!

Another great thing about these challenges is that I’m getting to meet all of these other great bloggers out there who have also signed up for the challenges. And with fantasy being my favorite genre, there are lots of new friends out there!


5 Responses

  1. Hey Chris, have you thought about borrowing the books from the library? I used to buy a lot of books but now I am like one of my co-workers at the library who says that the whole world of books is available to her.

    A reading challenge shouldn’t be a challenge to the pocketbook. I am a student as well and now I only buy what is cheap, things I will read again, or things I need for reference.

    We also have access to ebooks through our library, if you don’t mind curling up with a good laptop.

  2. Hi there, I used to borrow books from the library. I’ve gotten to the point now though where I love to own my books and have my own little personal library at home. I complain about the money, but it’s really not all that bad…it’s worth it to me.

    I still go to the library quite often though. I love it there. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so many books πŸ˜€

  3. Join the club, Chris. My bank account is sorry looking, but my shelves are heaving.

    I had to give up on borrowing from the library – I have this problem with giving the books back…so it ends up costing me money anyway. Ho-hum.

  4. Glad I could be of service in helping you use what little money you have wisely! πŸ˜‰

    β€œWhen I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.”

    ~Desiderius Erasmus

  5. Quix- I tend to have that same problem ;P

    Carl – That’s definitely a quote for the books!

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