Lisa Snellings-Clark’s Romantic Sale and the Snow Queen

Here it is, one of Lisa’s seasonal sales. She has some amazing things up for auction on Ebay right now, and you can also buy little red poppets for $9! That’s an amazing price! I bought yet another one for myself, and one is being shipped to Megan. So many cool things. She has some new jesters from the Harlequin series and they are beautiful. I debated about telling the public about this because I want all these things for myself but her art is beautiful and everyone should know about it. So you can see all of her auctions here. Please support her, she’s a one of a kind artist. And she donates part of the sales to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. She also talks about something called “Poppet Planet” in the little red auction. Sounds fascinating. She says poppets will be available there as well.

Also wanted to mention a very good post on Endicott Redux’s blog entitled Healing Tales and the Snow Queen. In the blog, she talks about fairy tales as a healing medium for children who have been abused and of the many tellings of the tale of the Snow Queen. Very well written and some beautiful art.


I finally got through to one of them!

Today was a very bizarre day on the unit, but a very good one nonetheless. Lots of aggression aimed primarily at staff…but I guess that comes with the job.

I’ve been working with this one little guy for about a week now. He’s very shy, but opened up to me pretty quickly. I think the thing that has him down the most is his father’s drinking. I know it gets to him, but he’s too afraid to tell his dad anything. Well today (after a week) I got him to confront dad about his drinking and tell him how he feels. He actually did it! I was so proud of him. Dad broke down, and I think some progress will be made now.

I related alot to this kid. My father is an alcoholic. I felt like he wasn’t there for me very much as a child, at least, we didn’t do the things that dad and son typically do together..which I guess is ok, because I became a bookworm as a result of that :p There were and still are times where I feel like the adult and he is the child. This little guy felt the same way. I’ve confronted my dad before and it solved the problem for a little while, and then he went back to it. This kid’s dad will probably do the same thing, but at least he got over his initial fear of talking to his dad. Me and my dad get along fine now, but I’d say it’s more of a friendship than a parent/child relationship. But that’s better than nothing. I hope this boy makes some progress. It feels good to know I made a little bit of a difference in a kids life.

He also refuses to eat anything but chicken! I think that we’ve found that this is sort of a trust issue for him. He won’t eat chicken if someone other than his parents cook it. Well today I got him to eat a banana at lunch and though that’s not much, it’s something new. And he liked it! Aside from that, he’s eaten nothing but cereal since he’s gotten on the unit and has lost about 5 pounds already. Hopefully we can start pumping him with at least bananas now if not some more “new stuff”.

All in all, a rewarding day!

Yeah I bought more books….

I really need to stop this buying of books. At least for now. My “to be read” list sitting next to my bed has gotten to about 15 books tall. But I hit up Second Chance Book Adoption again today. Some great books on there. Get them now, because I’m pretty sure he said the site is going down soon. Great deals. Here’s what I got:

Girl in Landscape by Jonathan Lethem
Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
Sock by Penn Jillette
Someplace to be Flying by Charles De Lint

I’m very excited about the DeLint. I’ve never read any of his books and I hear people talk about him all the time. Looking forward to it!

One of them days

Today has definitely been “one of those days”. I think the thing that set the day off for me was that I didn’t take a shower this morning as someone else needed to at the time that I usually do. So I took my shower last night. For some reason, I am just unable to function without a shower in the morning. So I went to the neurologist this morning and she’s upping my meds a little more for my migraines. Hopefully that will work. Went straight from the doctor to PJ’s to get my coffee so that i could make it through the internship.

The internship was surprisingly slow and boring today. I did have one patient call another a “skank ho” and throw a chair at her, but that was all the excitement for the day…and that was not good excitement. Ended up leaving early because I had nothing to do and now I’m just playing in blogland until I have class tonight at 5:30. And as I type this, spellcheck tells me that “blogland” is not a word.

Two things did cheer me up very much though! Carl V. writes about the seduction and temptation of books quite humorously and honestly in this post. I laughed my way through that one because it’s all so true! And then Lisa Snellings-Clark posted this wonderful picture to the left that just made me smile. Faceless poppet by Lisa and Horse by Ravyn.

A few goodies from Subterranean Press

Subterranean Press has quite a few goodies to offer right now. I’ve mentioned them before on this blog. They are a wonderful publisher that publishes special, limited, numbered, and/or signed clothbound editions of great books.

First up is an author I heard about from Carl V. by the name of John Scalzi. This book is entitled You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop: John Scalzi on Writing. It sounds like a hilarious educative book on Writing: one that I may check out. Carl V. recommended this writer to me when I was complaining on my blog about not being able to write. Sub Press is offering a Signed, fully cloth bound limited edition for $35. How cool!

Next up is Orson Scott Card’s novel Saints. It was originally released way back in the day titled A Woman of Destiny. But Card did not like that title and did not like the cover art for the novel. This new edition has a cover (and a beautiful one I may add) that was chosen by Card. It got a great review from Publisher’s Weekly and the Trade edition is still available from Sub Press for $35. This was the first purchase I made through them, and it truly is a beautiful, high quality book. And it came signed by Orson Scott Card with “To Chris: Trying to Find Home” handwritten by Mr. Card. Finding home is a central theme of this book. The book is currently going into it’s second printing through Sub Press. Lettered and Limited editions are sold out.

And how excited was I when I saw that Sub Press also has another brand new Card novel on it’s way. I know nothing about it except for what the description on the website says. It’s titled “The Space Boy” and will be released in August. Limited edition at $35 (2000 Hardcover, signed copies) and the Lettered edition at $150 (26 Leatherbound, signed copies). I think I may have to settle for the Limited. It’s also an illustrated book which makes me excited. Love the Sci-fi art.

Next up is A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin from the Song of Fire and Ice series with numerous (over 70) illustrations by Tom Canty. This book is a little more pricey…o.k., alot more pricey. $260 for the limited edition (448 signed, numbered hardcover copies in slipcase) and $410 for the lettered edition (52 signed copies, housed in a custom slipcase, with artist remarque (small illustration)). The art for this book looks amazing. I don’t think I’ll be affording this one though.

Finally, Subterranean has an awesome magazine that is published I believe quarterly entitled Subterranean. Go figure. They are six bucks an issue, which is a steal to me. Issue 5 has Orson Scott Card’s short story entitled “Mazer in Prison” which focuses on Mazer Rackham from the Ender series after the first Bugger war. Mazer in Prison was first showcased in Orson Scott Card’s online magazine called Intergalactic Medicine Show. That’s a great magazine by the way. Brand new “enderverse” story in each issue written by Card along with other great Sci-Fi and Fantasy short fiction. Usually an audiobook and a few more extras are also included. And the art is amazing for each story. Intergalactic Medicine Show is only $2.50 an issue and I highly recommend it to everyone. The point I was trying to get to was that Orson Scott Card said that the enderverse stories would never be published in a print format, only available through the online magazine. But here’s your chance to get one of the stories in print.

And no, Subterranean Press paid me nothing to write this….back to Heroes

Lisa Snellings-Clark update

Lisa has produced some beautiful work as of late. You can see some of her latest creations here. I can feel an art sale coming on very soon and that makes me excited. Her art is incredible and I have fallen for it very quickly. She also talks in this post about the life of an artist during those “studio days” and how long the hours can actually be. But as we can see, every hour is well worth it. I particularly like the bottom left photo on the post. I think she said she was doing another poppet sale in February. I’ll link to that when she posts it.

A Confidence Booster

I have been very wary of my progress on the unit. I didn’t think that I was doing a bad job, but not exactly the greatest job in the world. I tend to be very critical of myself and my work and sometimes a perfectionist. I feel like if I don’t know the right thing to say to a client, I have failed that client and have failed myself as a counselor. I’m slowly learning that the counselor doesn’t always magically get the right words to come out of their mouths. But I’m learning to find those words even if it takes a few moments of silence.

I’m definitely getting a lot more comfortable leading groups. I was very shy, cautious, and nervous when I first started. I think I’ve gotten over the shy and nervous, but am still very cautious which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When working with adolescents and children, especially adolescents, I’ve learned that to an extent you have to be very selective in the comments you make because the wrong words could just set them off…then you’re back at the beginning.

So on to the confidence booster. I leave at noon on mondays, so I’m home for the day now. Right before I left, my supervisor told me that “we’re really happy with the work you’ve done here so far.” That felt so good to hear that, because I wasn’t happy with the work I’ve done so far. I don’t think I’m doing bad, I’m just not that educated yet in the practicality of counseling. She then went on to ask if I’d be interested in a job as a client social worker when I graduate. Since I’m getting my degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, I didn’t think my degree would be compatible with the job, but she said that they would just call me a social worker..I don’t need an MSW. Whatever…I wish people acknowledged what my profession actually is, but I guess it’s kind of all the same thing.

Here’s the thing. I would love nothing more to work at River Oaks. I really would. It’s a wonderful place and I love being on the unit. I love working with kids and adolescents. I look forward to it everyday. But then the subject of salary came up. She said as a professional right out of school, I would be looking at $13-$15/hour. I don’t think so. It’s so frustrating. I can’t live off of that, but at the same time, this is the perfect job for my interests and it’s the only psyc hospital in the area that has an inpatient adolescent unit. Maybe the salary will change. Maybe I can negotiate…lord only knows.

It’s always interesting to see how the clients have changed over the weekend when I come back on Monday’s. Half of my clients were discharged over the weekend. Some seem to have made incredible progress over the weekend. I just wonder sometimes if that progress is an act to get discharged or if they’ve really learned something. I guess either way, they’ve learned at least what they need to do to stay out, and even if it’s an act it would improve their quality of life somewhat and bring up the GAF scores. It’s strange…I notice that I make predictions for clients. The one’s that I think will get better quickly sometimes regress just when I think they’re doing great. There are others that I think will never change and they make huge strides of improvement. It just goes to show that the human mind is very unpredictable.

It’s a good start to the week and hopefully it remains that way. Off to clinic in an hour where I will see my first one on one counseling session. Nervous but excited!